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Friday, 27 November 2009

Tattoo Ideas: Peaches Geldof Tattoos

Peaches Geldof Tattoos,Peaches Geldof Tattoo, Peaches Geldof Tattoos and I just thought I would start with Peaches Geldof because she has a peachy ass and well her tats are just amazing so hell Peaches Geldof Tattoos are the first on my list. I am going to make this site a fun place to visit and show you the best lot of Celebrity Tattoos about plus of course some really good tattoo designs. Oh and I also want you lot to get involved by emailing in your tattoos and I will showcase them for all the world to view your pride and joy. Anways let's get a looking at Peaches Geldof Tattoos.

I love this photo of Peaches Geldof, well to be honest I am totally in love with Peaches Geldof anyway. But this photo just shows that amazing daisy chain tattoo that runs from just under her left breast to her ankle. One of the best Peaches Geldof Tattoos and sorry guys tis a family website so I had to block those breasts out.

Anyway Peaches Geldof has loads more tattoos so let's a get looking at more of that fantastic body. Peaches if you are reading this please marry me, I promise to make you breakfast in bed everyday.

Must say I love this photograph of Peaches Geldof having a milkshake, jeeeeez just looking at the babe makes me a shake all over. Just look at that that damn daisy chain running all the way down her body, I swear I just wish I was that daisy chain.

Ok hands up if ya are a female and ya hate Peaches Geldof, a lot of females do hate my darlin lil Peaches but hey you are all just jealous of the sexy lil vixen.

As you can see there are more Peaches Geldof Tattoos on her left shoulder and on the inside of her right arm.

To the right yet another black square on the lovely Peaches Geldofs tats, but yay you can still see her other tats ya know, the ones I am writing about.

As you can see this young lady is well tattooed and must be one of the most tattooed ladies within the celebrity circuit.
I guess the best thing about being Peaches Geldofs boyfriend is once you make love to her you can always lie back in bed and read her.

Anyways Peaches Geldof Tattoos are way too many to post in just one Blog so tomorrow I shall return with Peaches Geldof Tattoos part two, ya gotta admit the hot lil vixen deserves two blogs, doncha think, in fact here are more great Peaches Geldof Tattoos.

Full List of Peaches Geldof Tattoos.

Now this photo shows just what a hot chick this celebrity is and adds a new meaning to a Peachy Ass.

This tattoo is of course the lyrics to Nick Caves song, sing along with Peaches, really cool !

Nice little tattoo on Peaches shoulder, I must say this young lady is without a doubt a real stunner.

This photo of Peaches thigh shows the daisy chain more clearly, deff a work of Art !

Ha ha, I found it, Peaches Geldofs last tattoo with her sisters name and date of birth !

Found another photo for my collection of Peaches Geldof Tattoos, this time of an ex b/f called " Max ", the lucky bugger !

Found this pic of the ever lovely Peaches Geldof and man look at those tattoos, for me Peaches Geldof Tattoos are the best out, doncha just wish ya were that daisy chain !!

I spotted this photo and loved it as purple is my fav colour and Peaches is my fav Celebrity, deff my fav of Peaches Geldof Tattoos is that lil unicorn on her thigh, jeeez she's stunning !

But fear not you ladies I intend to bring you people like Johnny Depp and others for ya all to drool over, tis a website for all. But please if you do have good tats yerself then mail me them, oh that's pics of yer tattoos ok, not yer tats. Do visit my website and feel free to leave a comment below about what you think of Peaches Geldof, me, I just worship the young Goddess. !!

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