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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Black Rose Tattoo

Black Rose Tattoo, Black Rose Tattoos, Black Rose Tattoo and I guess I am in a black mood today with all this rain in Belfast plus the damn flooding. My Old Gran used to say if ya said " Rain, rain go to Spain and never show yer face again " it wud stop raining and be nice and sunny, my Old Gran was full of crap, tis weird because my Mama says I take after her.

Anyways my lovely peeps today I am bringing you  totally stunning black rose tattoo pics, jeeez ya will think yer at a garden party. Plus not only will ya be treated to stunning black rose tattoos but also of course my usual trademark of that lil tattoo video at the end. Hands up if ya actually look forward to that video, ok get yer hands down, now hands up if ya think that video at the end is a pile of cack, jeeez get yer hands down ya ungrateful buggers.

Right enjoy the black rose tattoo photos, I am soddin freezin here so am off to make a nice bowl of veg soup, no ya can't have some, jeeez will ya just bugger away off and check out the photos, do ya think I put them there for a laugh !!!

Nice lil Black Rose Tattoo on the arm, I likes this one !

   I am in 2 minds as to whether I like this black rose tattoo but as I have a split personality I am always in 2 minds. " Ya Think

Jeeeez what can I say to you, my lovely lil readers except I lied at the start, there is no black rose tattoo video, look tis not my fault ok, I blame youtube for not having one. Anyways I have put up a nice lil rose tattoos video just below highlighted in red and a lot of them are black, just use yer imagination and pretend the rest are black.

Anyway that veg soup was really nice except for the girl I work with complaining about me slurping, jeeez ya can't even enjoy yer lunch these days. Then she got up and walked out after I burped and farted, did ya know in some countries tis actually showing yer host a compliment by burping after yer meal.

  Rose Tattoos Video  - Rose Tattoos Video

Right you lot are borin me now, I am off for a lil sleep, I hope ya enjoyed my black rose tattoo blog, if ya did rate it up, stumble it, share it and leave me lil kisses, jeeeeez not you guys ok, I meant the chicks, jeeez sort it out, will ya !!!

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Spiderman Tattoo

Spiderman Tattoo, Spiderman Tattoos, doncha all love Spiderman and the way he fires that sticky web out at ya. Ok hands up if ya know what Spidermans real name is, ok if ya shouted out Peter Parker ya win a cuddly toy.

Superheroes just baffle me, like take that big guy Superman. These fools work with him in the newspaper all day when he wears a pair of glasses. He takes his glasses off and wears a cape and his pants outside his trousers, and they can't guess it's him, I worry about people, I really do.

Anyways I am bringing ya some Spiderman Tattoos and a nice lil video at the end, do enjoy moi fav superhero, ya gotta love Spiderman, oh and Wonder Woman of course, loves that chick.

Doncha just love this Spiderman Tattoo, I can just see that tattoo on my arm.

In fact I kinda like this Spiderman Tattoo better, I just can't make my mind up.

Jeeez tis a get yer spiderman tattoo out meeting, I much prefer a nice womans leg though.

Here we have 4 different arm spiderman tattoos, ewwwww doncha just hate hairy armpits, I am off to shave mine, looking at that is the pits !!!

Gotta say I never realised that people got spiderman tattoos, I must check and see if Batman is just as popular, I likes Robin, methinks tis those green tights ya know. Anyways I hope my hub helps ya picking out a Spiderman Tattoo if yer thinking of getting one.

I looked everywhere for a Spiderman Tattoo Video but I am sorry peeps I have failed. I feel bad at letting ya all down so I have put up a nice lil video of the ultimate spiderman pics plus a few of the characters he has fought just below here highlighted in  red.

Spiderman Pics Video - Spiderman Pics Video

I kinda enjoyed writing this Spiderman Tattoo blog, reminded me of when I was a boy and my Old Gran used to give me pocket money to buy the Spiderman comics. I loved my Old Gran but her feet sure as hell stank !

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Weird Piercings And Tattoos

Weird Piercings And Tattoos, Weird Piercings, Weird Tattoos, plus that weird Tattoguy who is the most weird person I have met, jeeez thanks for that. Anyways even though my last weird tattoos and piercings was totally gross some of you really sick peeps have requested to see another collection and hell as I am as sick as you lot I thought yeah let's do a follow up.

Weird Piercings And Tattoos has deff made me realise that there are some real weirdos out there, " yeah I know, I hear some peeps even talk to themselves " " Yeah but I do that myself, I likes to have at least one intelligent conversation a day " Right tis time to have a look at some really weird and wonderful Weird Piercings And Tattoos.

Well what can one say about the above  photos except that peeps are crazy but then I guess if everyone was sane there wouldn't be a Sanity Clause and then Christmas wud be totally buggered up.
As my old Gran used to say " Ya gotta be insane to stay sane in an insane world " My Gran was a wise old bird but deff mad as a hatter, I visit her once a week in her padded cell.

Anyways as always I have found you all one hell of a video collection of photos of weird piercings and tattoos, just below highlighted in red. Jeeez sometimes I wonder shud I be out getting a soddin life instead of typin all this crap.

Like I ain't gettin any younger ya know, anyways enjoy the video, cheers for yer read and enjoy yer weekend as I am off to buy a bottle of red wine for my relaxin Soccer night !!

Weird Piercings And Tattoos Video    -   Weird Piercings And Tattoos

Do ya like my older brother, people say we look a lot like each other but I think I am hotter.
And last of all my dear old Dad, for some reason people actually compare us to the Adams Family.

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Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo Designs, Phoenix Tattoos, Phoenix Tattoo Design and this Phoenix tattoo blog is written for the lovely Justine, jeeez I know, I am such a sucker for a female request and a pretty lil smile. Anyways once I actually got looking for some stunning phoenix tattoo designs I was really amazed at how spectacular they were.

But then I am amazed that I can get out of bed in the mornings, doncha just wish ya cud win the Lottery and bugger off to a nice warm island with loads of chicks and red wine on tap.

Anyways today I brings ya utterly fantastic phoenix tattoo designs, ya can't beat self praise can ya? Also at the very end I have also found ya a nice lil video with a compilation of phoenix tattoos. And don't forget I am not just a guy that loves tattoos, I am yer friend and I loves ya all so if like Justine ya wud like a special tattoo hub just request it and I will do it, I knows, I am so lovable, cuddly, caring, cute, hot as hell and a dreamer ; )

Phoenix Tattoo Designs Videos - Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Well I really enjoyed writing this Phoenix Tattoo Designs hub, cheers for the idea Justine and don't forget if any of you lot want a certain type of tattoo shown just ask ok.

Anyways tis nice and sunny here in Belfast as I am eatin moi tasty tuna bab, plus moi banana milkshake of course. Plus another few days and tis Friday and Fridays equals a nice bottle of red wine to chill out with, and hell if tis a nice taste just have 2 bottles.

Anyways enough of my private life, I have a lil phoenix tattoo designs video for ya just above ya highlighted in red, and for you dummies ya don't have to click on it ok. Right I am almost finished my lunch and I need a pee, doncha just love virtual sharing, tis like yer actually here with me. I hope ya enjoyed the phoenix tattoos, am off for my pee, loves ya all !!!

Ya gotta love this classy ear phoenix tattoo design, jeeez methinks I wud suit a lil tattoo like that just behind my ear, wud deff make me look cool, doncha think?

Oh yeah Baby, now that is one cool tattoo for sure, jeeez I gotta get myself a chick with a nice cool tattoo with a phoenix design, I cud fall asleep just lookin at it !

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Monday, 29 March 2010

Flower Tattoos Designs

Flower Tattoos Designs, Flower Tattos, Flower Tattoos Designs and if my Old Gran was alive and readin this she wud deff call me a big girly boy. But somebody asked for Flower Tattoos Designs and I listen to moi readers, especially the female ones ya know. Anyways bugger my Old Gran, hmmmm methinks I maybe shud rephrase that, doncha think.

Anyways you lovely peeps today I am bringing ya some nice lil flower tattoos designs and as always a nice lil video at the end. Do any of ya even watch the lil video at the end, in fact do any of ya even read the soddin hub. See sometimes I do a sneaky lil trick to catch out the peeps that don't read it but don't tell the buggers ok. If ya have actually read this in the comments section write " I read it Art and yer a crafty sexy lil devil ", then I twil know who did actually read it.

Right enough of my crap, enjoy the Flower Tattoos Designs and if my Old Gran is lookin down from heaven and reading this " Hi Gran, ya old bag!

Flower Tattoos Designs Video -Flower Tattoos Designs

What can I say you peeps I just loved writing that blog, jeeeez those chicks were as hot as a cat on a hot tin roof. " Oh how unoriginal, ya copied that sayin from an old movie " " So wat, bugger away off and get yer own life " Anyways peeps I hope ya enjoyed the flower tattoos designs blog, I actually think these tattoos are the best I have seen.

Anyways enjoy the lil video just above ya highlighted in red where ya will find loads more great ideas for flower tattoos designs and  my next blog on tattoos will deff be Tropical Tattoos. As for the weekend peeps I didn't go to that singles night. I stayed in with a bottle of red wine and watched a movie instead. I really do need to get out and get a life instead of writing about flower tattoos designs.

I wish I was rich, I really do but my Old Gran used to say money wasn't everything, stupid old cow. !!

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Weird Tattoos And Piercings

Weird Tattoos And Piercings, Weird Tattoos, Weird Piercings, jeeez if it's got the word weird in it ya know I am gonna be about. Some nights I lie in bed late at night and wonder if my old Gran was right when she said I was weird. But after lookin at all these weird tattoos and piercings I now think I am normal, well almost normal as I can be a lil crazy ya know.

Anyways some of these weird piercings and weird tattoos are just damn crazy and some just look like an accident waiting to happen. Some of these weird tattoos and piercings will make you squirm so if yer a big girl just look away ok, you have been warned.

Ok enough of my lil intro, tis time to take you peeps into the depth of the crazy world of the total nutters that get weird tattoos and piercings. Unless you of course don't think they are weird in which case I wud ask ya to get yer Doctor to change yer medication, enjoy the tats.

Weird Tattoos And Piercings Video  - Weird Tattoos And Piercings

Ok who shouted we want to see some more crazy and weird tattoos and piercings, jeeez were my photos not enough for all you greedy lil gits.

Anyways as I love all you peeps I searched youtube to find ya a nice lil video with a great compilation of weird tattoos and piercings and I think the video to just above ya highlighted in red is perfect.

Anyways didn't I tell ya all that peeps are damn weird, like what weird tattoos and piercings, I dunno about you lot but no way wud I get any of those piercings. And to think my Old Gran used to say I was weird, she wud pass out if she saw any of those nutters, anyways hope ya liked moi tattoos and piercings.

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wrist Tattoos For Girls

Wrist Tattoos For Girls, Wrist Tattoos and yeah I know I have not done a wrist tattoos blog before but I kinda love a ladies wrist tattoo that much I just wanted to do another one after this one, hell if the mood takes me I may do another 50 Wrist Tattoos For Girls blogs.

" But ya wouldn't be able to find wrist tattoos photos " " We cud always hang around the Tattoo Parlour and take pics with yer mobile phone " " I dunno, remember the police catching ya taking pics outside that other Parlour "

Anyways peeps today the TattoGuy tis bringing ya some nice pics of wrist tattoos for girls, a nice lil video at the end and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok so I lied about the pear tree, watta ya think this is, Christmas ! Ok here we go, enjoy the photos and if yer thinking of getting a wrist tattoo I hopes ya find one ya like.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls Video - Wrist Tattoos For Girls

Well folks that was fun wasn't it, tis kinda like visting an Art Gallery only ya don't have to spend any money, hell ya don't even have to get up off yer backside.

Jeeez ya cud even be sitting there in yer PJ'S and slippers having a drink reading this Tattoos For Girls- Wrist Tattoos, I just hope ya buggers appreciate me, I really do.

Anyways if ya didn't see any wrist tattoos that ya fancied and you are thinking of getting a wrist tattoo have a browse at the collection of wrist tattoos on the video juat above ya. OMG will ya please stop just staring at it, ya have to click it for it to start, who dresses you in the morning ?

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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy Tattoo Designs, Fairy Tattoos, Fairy Tattoo, and of course the big Irish Fairy that is writin this blog. I always hated my Old Gran for calling me a big fairy wen I was a boy growing up, it gave me such a complex wen I was older.

Twasn't my fault that I preferred to wear dresses instead of jeans, besides I looked good in pink, ya know !

Anyways I kinda like the Fairy Tattoo Designs and loved Peter Pan wen I was a boy, how I wished that I had a Tinkerbelle as well. Do ya think it twas true that Peter Pan never grew old, jeeez imagine staying say 18 forever, ya wud never get a soddin free bus pass.

Oh well damn that, today I am bringing ya all Fairy Tattoo Designs and methinks I have got some cracking lil photos for ya plus of course the usual lil video at the end.

" Why do ya tell the buggers that, they probably have already guessed that " " Yeah but I do get new readers ya know " " How do ya know? " " I check my google visits that show unique visits "

" The only thing unique is you, ya weirdo "

Look please ignore my split personality ok, please just enjoy our Fairy Tattoos Designs, we both loves ya all !!

Fairy Tattoos Designs Video     Fairy Tattoo Designs Video

I gotta say my own personal fav twas that lil Goth Fairy but I think it was because of the colour purple. I think I am now smitten by the Fairy Tattoos Designs on a woman, methinks tis because the lil fairy is so magical and just looks stunning with those lil wings spread across the female body.

" Jeeeeez, what sodden drugs did the Doctor give ya yesterday " " I dunno but my head feels like tis away with the fairies "

Anyways I hope ya all enjoyed those Fairy Tattoos Designs and if you are lookin for an idea for a fairy tattoo I have also provided a great lil fairy tattoos designs video that's up above ya highlighted in red, ya and for the thicko readers ya have to click on it to watch it.

" That's not a nice thing to say, they are yer readers ya know " " Yeah I know but ya gotta help some peeps ya know "

Right peeps, I shall return, if ya liked it rate it up and if ya didn't just leave a comment sayin Tattoguy yer full of crap, loves ya all !

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Fairy Tattoos

Fairy Tattoo, Fairy Tattoos, there is just something magical about the word fairy. Tis funny because as a teenager my Aunt used to say I was away with the fairies wheras my Dad used to call me a big fairy.

My Mum on the other hand used to put a tooth that came out under my pillow then sneak in later and leave money and tell me it was the tooth fairy, yeah rite do I look like a right dipstick?

What had that all to do with a Fairy Tattoo you ask, bugger all to be honest but I likes to sorta get close to my readers. If yer a hot redhead the closer the better, oi back off big boy, I kinda meant the women ya know but sure pop back when I am drunk, shit you have already popped, anyways let's check out some Fairy Tattoos.

Fairy Tattoo Video  Fairy Tattoo Designs

I actually enjoyed writing that fairy tattoo hub, maybe my Dad was right, maybe I am a big fairy.

Btw if you have been checking out the photos and trying to get some ideas this hub is dedicated and written for you oh daughter of Susana S, and if you want more ideas check out

the video above highlighted in red.

Jeeez tis getting late, I don't normally write a blog this late but I kinda got inspired and I just had to finish it, bit like when ya go to the toilet for a dump, jeeez sorry about that, kinda slipped out, the words that is, not the dump. Laters you peeps !!!

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Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon Tattoos, Cartoon Tattoo, Cartoon Tattoos, and as a boy my fav cartoon used to be Top Cat, that cool cat and his lil gang all teasin that poor officer Dibble. Or Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny, jeeez a lil tear is drippin down my cheek just recallin those days. My Old Gran used to say " if ya don't stop watchin those silly cartoons ya will grow up to be crazy " " Jeeez how silly my Old Gran was, nobody cud be more normal that me, doncha think?"

Anyways today I am bringing ya  cartoon tattoos, moi usual lil comments and wait for it, jeeez I said wait for it ok. Right lastly I will be bringing ya a great lil video with a stunning collection of cartoon tattoos, in fact today I think the video surpasses my photos but ya lot can decide.

And do me a favour ok, leave me a few ideas of tattoos ya wud like to see me write about or even a topic ya wud like me to write about. I just loves my readers and am eager to please ya, oh jeeez put yer top back on, I didn't mean please ya like that !

Cartoon Tattoos Video    Cartoon Tattoos Video

I gotta say I am not happy with my Cartoon Tattoos Blog today, I feel as if I have let ya all down because I just think todays photos are not up to my usual standard but tis damn hard getting good cartoon tattoos.

But if any of ya are thinking of gettin a cartoon tattoo then fear not because there are loads of great ideas in the cartoon tattoos video to the right. If ya see one ya like just pause the video, take a pic of it with yer mobile and then just show it to yer tattooist.

Anyways peeps my lunch is almost over, was really stinking today as the bread was blue moulded and the tuna smelt a bit off but hey if yer hungry ya just eat it anyways. I hope ya liked moi cartoon tattoos video and if any of ya do know the names of those 4 Teenage Mutant Turtles then do leave their names, tis a nice cuddly toy as a prize. Right I am off, loves all ya lovely peeps.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

3D Tattoo Designs

3D Tattoo Designs, 3D Tattoos, 3D Tattoo, and I blame that movie Avatar for this hub. I was at the cinema watchin Avatar, ya know with moi 3d glasses on and jeeez in one scene I actually thought the characters foot was in my face.

Until I realised it was a teenagers foot who was sitting behind me. " Oi get yer damn foot out of my face you young bugger " I said nervously.

His girlfriend told me go get stuffed and I looked at her, she was about 17, wearing a pink lyrca tracksuit, baseball cap, pregnant belly puffin a ciggy with a t-shirt sayin " You Wish "

Anyways I just ignored em and enjoyed the movie, twas such a sad ending, oopppps don't wanna spoil the endin for ya. Anyways today I have wat methinks is moi best Tattoo Hub yet, tis my Avatar Hub, tis my 3D Tattoo Designs and I brings ya like loads of cracking 3d tattoo designs plus a video at the end.

Doncha just hate peeps that feed loads of popcorn into their faces at the cinema, like do they not eat at home. Oh and if that lil cow in the pink tracksuit is watching, " I hope ya have twins !! "

3D Tattoo Designs Video

Well peeps did ya enjoy all those 3d tattoo designs, my fav was the big eye one at the beginning, I was gonna get one but I forgot to look into it. Anyways I can't wait until the new Johnny Depp movie Alice in Wonderland 3D is released, I loves 3d. I just hope those teenagers don't turn up with their soddin baby, jeeez that girl will deff be an unfit mother !

3D Tattoo Designs

Anyways peeps click on the lil 3d tattoo designs video above you and enjoy the collection of great 3d tattoo designs. Jeeez I wonder if they will ever have a 3d love scene, like yer sittin there and her foot is hittin ya in the face or heaven forbid other parts of the body.

In the UK the latest is 3d soccer on tv, like imagine sitting there and the player kicks the ball out and tis heading for yer face, wud scare the hell out of ya.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed my 3D Tattoo Designs and if ya did rate me up, leave me a lil comment and if ya want leave me a lil kiss, not you guys ok ; )

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Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty Tattoos, Hello Kitty Tattoo, Hello Kitty, ok hands up if ya have never heard of who Hello Kitty is, well if yer hand is up will ya say hello to Bin Laden who must be sharin that cave with ya. I actually got the idea for this blog from my daughter who buys hello kitty crap online, jeeez what is it about that daft white kitty that girls like.

I actually bought my daughter a hello kitty online, well a hello kitty cushion and hello kitty bedspread to be exact, yeah I know I am the perfect Dad, I tries my best ya know. Anyways I was farting about online when I noticed a photo of some chick with a Hello Kitty Tattoo and I am like " Who wud want Hello Kitty Tattoos?".

Turns out there are millions of girls out there that think it's really cool to have that cute lil kitty tattooed on their body and ya know what, the Hello Kitty Tattoos are actually really stunning. " Another Girly Blog Art " " Oh shut to hell up Gran and take yer medication ", anyways enjoy the hello kitty tattoos

Ya know wat, after writing all about Hello Kitty Tattoos I am just realising how cool Hello Kitty is and perhaps I might get myself a Hello Kitty bedspread as well.

Ok tis not cool for a guy to have a Hello Kitty bedspread but like who is gonna see it, well except all the chicks I pull each weekend. " Tis the weekend now and yer stuck in writin this crap so who are ya pullin? " " Oh shut to hell up Gran, I can pretend, tis not as if they will know"

Anyways guess what, ok what smartass shouted out I bet yer gonna say enjoy the Hello Kitty Tattoos Video, well yer right ya smartass.

I gotta say what with my Betty Boop Tattoos and now my Hello Kitty Tattoos I kinda wish I was a girl, tis a pity my Mom only dressed me in a dress until I was 8, anyways enjoy the video.

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