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Friday, 26 March 2010

3D Tattoo Designs

3D Tattoo Designs, 3D Tattoos, 3D Tattoo, and I blame that movie Avatar for this hub. I was at the cinema watchin Avatar, ya know with moi 3d glasses on and jeeez in one scene I actually thought the characters foot was in my face.

Until I realised it was a teenagers foot who was sitting behind me. " Oi get yer damn foot out of my face you young bugger " I said nervously.

His girlfriend told me go get stuffed and I looked at her, she was about 17, wearing a pink lyrca tracksuit, baseball cap, pregnant belly puffin a ciggy with a t-shirt sayin " You Wish "

Anyways I just ignored em and enjoyed the movie, twas such a sad ending, oopppps don't wanna spoil the endin for ya. Anyways today I have wat methinks is moi best Tattoo Hub yet, tis my Avatar Hub, tis my 3D Tattoo Designs and I brings ya like loads of cracking 3d tattoo designs plus a video at the end.

Doncha just hate peeps that feed loads of popcorn into their faces at the cinema, like do they not eat at home. Oh and if that lil cow in the pink tracksuit is watching, " I hope ya have twins !! "

3D Tattoo Designs Video

Well peeps did ya enjoy all those 3d tattoo designs, my fav was the big eye one at the beginning, I was gonna get one but I forgot to look into it. Anyways I can't wait until the new Johnny Depp movie Alice in Wonderland 3D is released, I loves 3d. I just hope those teenagers don't turn up with their soddin baby, jeeez that girl will deff be an unfit mother !

3D Tattoo Designs

Anyways peeps click on the lil 3d tattoo designs video above you and enjoy the collection of great 3d tattoo designs. Jeeez I wonder if they will ever have a 3d love scene, like yer sittin there and her foot is hittin ya in the face or heaven forbid other parts of the body.

In the UK the latest is 3d soccer on tv, like imagine sitting there and the player kicks the ball out and tis heading for yer face, wud scare the hell out of ya.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed my 3D Tattoo Designs and if ya did rate me up, leave me a lil comment and if ya want leave me a lil kiss, not you guys ok ; )

Please do bookmark Great Tattoos as I intend to bring you Great Tattoos about everything and if you have any type of Great Tattoos you want me to write about please leave me a comment.


lyricsingray said...

Love this site. You have an ability to display art attached to humans that represent the armor they wear defines who they are. I love who they are. Beauty for me is in truth. These examples of ones expression proves it still exists, the truth.

Loving this, your latest fan and on my way to sign up

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