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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon Tattoos, Cartoon Tattoo, Cartoon Tattoos, and as a boy my fav cartoon used to be Top Cat, that cool cat and his lil gang all teasin that poor officer Dibble. Or Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny, jeeez a lil tear is drippin down my cheek just recallin those days. My Old Gran used to say " if ya don't stop watchin those silly cartoons ya will grow up to be crazy " " Jeeez how silly my Old Gran was, nobody cud be more normal that me, doncha think?"

Anyways today I am bringing ya  cartoon tattoos, moi usual lil comments and wait for it, jeeez I said wait for it ok. Right lastly I will be bringing ya a great lil video with a stunning collection of cartoon tattoos, in fact today I think the video surpasses my photos but ya lot can decide.

And do me a favour ok, leave me a few ideas of tattoos ya wud like to see me write about or even a topic ya wud like me to write about. I just loves my readers and am eager to please ya, oh jeeez put yer top back on, I didn't mean please ya like that !

Cartoon Tattoos Video    Cartoon Tattoos Video

I gotta say I am not happy with my Cartoon Tattoos Blog today, I feel as if I have let ya all down because I just think todays photos are not up to my usual standard but tis damn hard getting good cartoon tattoos.

But if any of ya are thinking of gettin a cartoon tattoo then fear not because there are loads of great ideas in the cartoon tattoos video to the right. If ya see one ya like just pause the video, take a pic of it with yer mobile and then just show it to yer tattooist.

Anyways peeps my lunch is almost over, was really stinking today as the bread was blue moulded and the tuna smelt a bit off but hey if yer hungry ya just eat it anyways. I hope ya liked moi cartoon tattoos video and if any of ya do know the names of those 4 Teenage Mutant Turtles then do leave their names, tis a nice cuddly toy as a prize. Right I am off, loves all ya lovely peeps.

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