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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy Tattoo Designs, Fairy Tattoos, Fairy Tattoo, and of course the big Irish Fairy that is writin this blog. I always hated my Old Gran for calling me a big fairy wen I was a boy growing up, it gave me such a complex wen I was older.

Twasn't my fault that I preferred to wear dresses instead of jeans, besides I looked good in pink, ya know !

Anyways I kinda like the Fairy Tattoo Designs and loved Peter Pan wen I was a boy, how I wished that I had a Tinkerbelle as well. Do ya think it twas true that Peter Pan never grew old, jeeez imagine staying say 18 forever, ya wud never get a soddin free bus pass.

Oh well damn that, today I am bringing ya all Fairy Tattoo Designs and methinks I have got some cracking lil photos for ya plus of course the usual lil video at the end.

" Why do ya tell the buggers that, they probably have already guessed that " " Yeah but I do get new readers ya know " " How do ya know? " " I check my google visits that show unique visits "

" The only thing unique is you, ya weirdo "

Look please ignore my split personality ok, please just enjoy our Fairy Tattoos Designs, we both loves ya all !!

Fairy Tattoos Designs Video     Fairy Tattoo Designs Video

I gotta say my own personal fav twas that lil Goth Fairy but I think it was because of the colour purple. I think I am now smitten by the Fairy Tattoos Designs on a woman, methinks tis because the lil fairy is so magical and just looks stunning with those lil wings spread across the female body.

" Jeeeeez, what sodden drugs did the Doctor give ya yesterday " " I dunno but my head feels like tis away with the fairies "

Anyways I hope ya all enjoyed those Fairy Tattoos Designs and if you are lookin for an idea for a fairy tattoo I have also provided a great lil fairy tattoos designs video that's up above ya highlighted in red, ya and for the thicko readers ya have to click on it to watch it.

" That's not a nice thing to say, they are yer readers ya know " " Yeah I know but ya gotta help some peeps ya know "

Right peeps, I shall return, if ya liked it rate it up and if ya didn't just leave a comment sayin Tattoguy yer full of crap, loves ya all !

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JamaGenie said...

I've never been a fan of tattoos, but I'm thinkin' a teensy tiny fairy on the inside of my wrist would be kinda cute!