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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fairy Tattoos

Fairy Tattoo, Fairy Tattoos, there is just something magical about the word fairy. Tis funny because as a teenager my Aunt used to say I was away with the fairies wheras my Dad used to call me a big fairy.

My Mum on the other hand used to put a tooth that came out under my pillow then sneak in later and leave money and tell me it was the tooth fairy, yeah rite do I look like a right dipstick?

What had that all to do with a Fairy Tattoo you ask, bugger all to be honest but I likes to sorta get close to my readers. If yer a hot redhead the closer the better, oi back off big boy, I kinda meant the women ya know but sure pop back when I am drunk, shit you have already popped, anyways let's check out some Fairy Tattoos.

Fairy Tattoo Video  Fairy Tattoo Designs

I actually enjoyed writing that fairy tattoo hub, maybe my Dad was right, maybe I am a big fairy.

Btw if you have been checking out the photos and trying to get some ideas this hub is dedicated and written for you oh daughter of Susana S, and if you want more ideas check out

the video above highlighted in red.

Jeeez tis getting late, I don't normally write a blog this late but I kinda got inspired and I just had to finish it, bit like when ya go to the toilet for a dump, jeeez sorry about that, kinda slipped out, the words that is, not the dump. Laters you peeps !!!

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sprinkles said...

I love tattoos and I love fairies! I want to get a tat of a fairy sometime but I haven't found a picture of one that I want to get yet and I don't know where on my body I want to put it. I have one on my ankle and I have a tramp stamp. I like to have them where I can show them off or cover them up easily.