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Monday, 29 March 2010

Flower Tattoos Designs

Flower Tattoos Designs, Flower Tattos, Flower Tattoos Designs and if my Old Gran was alive and readin this she wud deff call me a big girly boy. But somebody asked for Flower Tattoos Designs and I listen to moi readers, especially the female ones ya know. Anyways bugger my Old Gran, hmmmm methinks I maybe shud rephrase that, doncha think.

Anyways you lovely peeps today I am bringing ya some nice lil flower tattoos designs and as always a nice lil video at the end. Do any of ya even watch the lil video at the end, in fact do any of ya even read the soddin hub. See sometimes I do a sneaky lil trick to catch out the peeps that don't read it but don't tell the buggers ok. If ya have actually read this in the comments section write " I read it Art and yer a crafty sexy lil devil ", then I twil know who did actually read it.

Right enough of my crap, enjoy the Flower Tattoos Designs and if my Old Gran is lookin down from heaven and reading this " Hi Gran, ya old bag!

Flower Tattoos Designs Video -Flower Tattoos Designs

What can I say you peeps I just loved writing that blog, jeeeez those chicks were as hot as a cat on a hot tin roof. " Oh how unoriginal, ya copied that sayin from an old movie " " So wat, bugger away off and get yer own life " Anyways peeps I hope ya enjoyed the flower tattoos designs blog, I actually think these tattoos are the best I have seen.

Anyways enjoy the lil video just above ya highlighted in red where ya will find loads more great ideas for flower tattoos designs and  my next blog on tattoos will deff be Tropical Tattoos. As for the weekend peeps I didn't go to that singles night. I stayed in with a bottle of red wine and watched a movie instead. I really do need to get out and get a life instead of writing about flower tattoos designs.

I wish I was rich, I really do but my Old Gran used to say money wasn't everything, stupid old cow. !!

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JamaGenie said...

So this is where the Captain disappeared to! Nice...

BadCompany said...

Here the Captain can say watever to hell he wants, no restrictions by petty lil rules ; )