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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix Tattoo Designs, Phoenix Tattoos, Phoenix Tattoo Design and this Phoenix tattoo blog is written for the lovely Justine, jeeez I know, I am such a sucker for a female request and a pretty lil smile. Anyways once I actually got looking for some stunning phoenix tattoo designs I was really amazed at how spectacular they were.

But then I am amazed that I can get out of bed in the mornings, doncha just wish ya cud win the Lottery and bugger off to a nice warm island with loads of chicks and red wine on tap.

Anyways today I brings ya utterly fantastic phoenix tattoo designs, ya can't beat self praise can ya? Also at the very end I have also found ya a nice lil video with a compilation of phoenix tattoos. And don't forget I am not just a guy that loves tattoos, I am yer friend and I loves ya all so if like Justine ya wud like a special tattoo hub just request it and I will do it, I knows, I am so lovable, cuddly, caring, cute, hot as hell and a dreamer ; )

Phoenix Tattoo Designs Videos - Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Well I really enjoyed writing this Phoenix Tattoo Designs hub, cheers for the idea Justine and don't forget if any of you lot want a certain type of tattoo shown just ask ok.

Anyways tis nice and sunny here in Belfast as I am eatin moi tasty tuna bab, plus moi banana milkshake of course. Plus another few days and tis Friday and Fridays equals a nice bottle of red wine to chill out with, and hell if tis a nice taste just have 2 bottles.

Anyways enough of my private life, I have a lil phoenix tattoo designs video for ya just above ya highlighted in red, and for you dummies ya don't have to click on it ok. Right I am almost finished my lunch and I need a pee, doncha just love virtual sharing, tis like yer actually here with me. I hope ya enjoyed the phoenix tattoos, am off for my pee, loves ya all !!!

Ya gotta love this classy ear phoenix tattoo design, jeeez methinks I wud suit a lil tattoo like that just behind my ear, wud deff make me look cool, doncha think?

Oh yeah Baby, now that is one cool tattoo for sure, jeeez I gotta get myself a chick with a nice cool tattoo with a phoenix design, I cud fall asleep just lookin at it !

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