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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Weird Piercings And Tattoos

Weird Piercings And Tattoos, Weird Piercings, Weird Tattoos, plus that weird Tattoguy who is the most weird person I have met, jeeez thanks for that. Anyways even though my last weird tattoos and piercings was totally gross some of you really sick peeps have requested to see another collection and hell as I am as sick as you lot I thought yeah let's do a follow up.

Weird Piercings And Tattoos has deff made me realise that there are some real weirdos out there, " yeah I know, I hear some peeps even talk to themselves " " Yeah but I do that myself, I likes to have at least one intelligent conversation a day " Right tis time to have a look at some really weird and wonderful Weird Piercings And Tattoos.

Well what can one say about the above  photos except that peeps are crazy but then I guess if everyone was sane there wouldn't be a Sanity Clause and then Christmas wud be totally buggered up.
As my old Gran used to say " Ya gotta be insane to stay sane in an insane world " My Gran was a wise old bird but deff mad as a hatter, I visit her once a week in her padded cell.

Anyways as always I have found you all one hell of a video collection of photos of weird piercings and tattoos, just below highlighted in red. Jeeez sometimes I wonder shud I be out getting a soddin life instead of typin all this crap.

Like I ain't gettin any younger ya know, anyways enjoy the video, cheers for yer read and enjoy yer weekend as I am off to buy a bottle of red wine for my relaxin Soccer night !!

Weird Piercings And Tattoos Video    -   Weird Piercings And Tattoos

Do ya like my older brother, people say we look a lot like each other but I think I am hotter.
And last of all my dear old Dad, for some reason people actually compare us to the Adams Family.

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JamaGenie said...

Call me a party pooper, Jack, but the guy with the piercings all over his face will be in a world of hurt if he's ever in an accident that requires *serious* medical attention.

That said, hope your team wins tonight!