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Monday, 29 March 2010

Weird Tattoos And Piercings

Weird Tattoos And Piercings, Weird Tattoos, Weird Piercings, jeeez if it's got the word weird in it ya know I am gonna be about. Some nights I lie in bed late at night and wonder if my old Gran was right when she said I was weird. But after lookin at all these weird tattoos and piercings I now think I am normal, well almost normal as I can be a lil crazy ya know.

Anyways some of these weird piercings and weird tattoos are just damn crazy and some just look like an accident waiting to happen. Some of these weird tattoos and piercings will make you squirm so if yer a big girl just look away ok, you have been warned.

Ok enough of my lil intro, tis time to take you peeps into the depth of the crazy world of the total nutters that get weird tattoos and piercings. Unless you of course don't think they are weird in which case I wud ask ya to get yer Doctor to change yer medication, enjoy the tats.

Weird Tattoos And Piercings Video  - Weird Tattoos And Piercings

Ok who shouted we want to see some more crazy and weird tattoos and piercings, jeeez were my photos not enough for all you greedy lil gits.

Anyways as I love all you peeps I searched youtube to find ya a nice lil video with a great compilation of weird tattoos and piercings and I think the video to just above ya highlighted in red is perfect.

Anyways didn't I tell ya all that peeps are damn weird, like what weird tattoos and piercings, I dunno about you lot but no way wud I get any of those piercings. And to think my Old Gran used to say I was weird, she wud pass out if she saw any of those nutters, anyways hope ya liked moi tattoos and piercings.

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