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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lower Back Star Tattoos

Lower Back Star Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos, Star Tattoos, jeeeez I dunno but I am finding that seeing stars is what the females like when it comes to a tattoo and none is more popular than the lower back star tattoos. Being someone who writes about tattoos I find tis my duty to stare at those female lower back star tattoos on women bending over in shopping centres, ok some may think this is creepy but I call it moi research.

So after a lot of careful research into lower back star tattoos I am today bringing you some of the best lower back star tattoos and jeeez there are some real stunners, oh and the tattoos ain't that bad either. Here guess what, I am actually going out this weekend, I know for this weekend only I can actually claim that I have a life.

" Just write about the lower back star tattoos ok, the readers are not interested in yer boring life" " I bet they are, I bet a few will ask me to let them know if I scored " "" OMG, are ya having a laugh, you couldn't score in a massage parlour with a million pounds in yer pocket"

Now this is what I see in the local shopping centre, makes shopping kinda fun but ya gotta love this lower back star tattoo, jeeez is that underwear or dental floss ?

Jeeeez God may have messed up when he made the world we live in but when he made woman he deff created a work of art, oh I likes that tattoo as well, jeeez wat a stunner !

I read somewhere that I shud have Faith in my writing, well there she is right in the middle of this lower back star tattoo, I likes this one !

Didn't her Old Gran not tell her tis rude to pull at yer ass in public but nice lil butt, oooops I meant nice lower back star tattoo.

Deff when I am out tomorrow night I am gonna pick up a chick with nice tats, oh and nice tattoos as well. Gotta love this star tattoo sweeping round her back along with cheerys and everything else, loves it !

Nice lil plain star tattoo here and hey sometimes the plain tattoos are the best, ya notice as well the classy jeans most of these chicks are wearing.

Yet another classy tattoo set off by 2 lil red stars, this is a really hot lower back star tattoo albeit having a skull in the middle.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Wings Tattoos

Wings Tattoos, Wings Tattoo, Wings Tattoos and well I just love wings tattoos. I recall when I was a lil boy I used to wish I had wings so I cud fly like Superman although I cud never work out how peeps didn't know he was Clarke Kent. Like picture the scene ok, yer at work and ya come home and yer partner who wears glasses, ( if they don't just pretend ok), has put on a blue top, blue pantyhose and pulled her red undies up over her pantyhose but takes her glasses off. You arrive home and say " Jeeeez who are you stranger?, nice undies; ) "

Anyways today I am bringing ya some stunning wings tattoos plus if yer good ya just might find I will let ya dress up in moi pantyhose. I wonder seeing that I am home alone shud I dress up in blue pantyhose and red panties, nahhh I will save it for my usual Friday night. My Old Gran caught me once dressing up, she said I was a nasty lil freak and a weirdo, ya don't think she was right, do ya? Enjoy the wings tattoos blog, I am off to find a pair of blue pantyhose that doesn't have a ladder in them.

Now if Heaven is full of angels with wings like these I am ready for you Lord.

Love these 2 wings tattoos, methinks I am deff gonna pick up a chick with wings tattoos, total angels ; )

Ok I am hooked, wings tattoos are deff now my fav type of tattoo and if ya have one and are a redhead with no morals who drinks red wine email me ok.

I swear I am in 7th Heaven here lookin at all these wings tattoos, I wonder why they say in 7th Heaven, what about the other 6 and why does nobody want to be in them ??

        If yer a real Rock Chick and are lookin for a wings tattoo here is the perfect tattoo for you.

Another wings tattoo with a meaningful lil verse, " Can't No Man Take My Wings ", you tell em girl !

And to end my wings tattoos hub I bring ya this work of Art, well tis an Art to being Art, doncha think ; )

I hate self praise but I really enjoyed that wings tattoos blog, I was just cruisin through it on a wing and a prayer. Hold on a second will ya, jeeeez I wonder does Superman get his blue pantyhose caught in his red panties or maybe my red panties are just too tight, jeeez maybe my Old Gran was right, I am a freak. !

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Butterflies Tattoos

Butterflies Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoo, Butterflies Tattoos and I gotta say I love the butterflies tattoos and why you ask. Well it takes me back to when I was a lil kid and the little things in life used to really amaze me. I had this ugly lil caterpillar in a jamjar and watched it explode out of it's cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly.

I turned to my Old Gran with my buck teeth and skinny lil body and said " One day Gran I am gonna turn out beautiful just like that butterfly just did " " Wise up ya ugly lil bugger " my Old Gran replied, she really was a source of encouragement.

Anyways today moi friends I bring you the amazing butterflies tattoos and ya will love the photos I have for ya of butterflies tattoos. "

Jeeeeez I love virtual interaction, I really do but all joking aside my butterflies tattoos blog just like my other tattoo blogs are useless without you peeps that read them and trust me I appreciate ya and loves ya all to bits for yer continued support, enjoy the butterflies tattoos.

The first of my butterflies tattos is my fav animal combined, a tiger butterfly tattoo.

Love this tribal butterfly tattoo, tis a good job she ain't got hairy armpits, although I kinda like a girl with hairy armpits ; )

I loves a nice neck tattoo and I loves butterflies tattoos so this is a perfect tattoo for moi.

Love this beautiful shoulder butterfly tattoo, tis a bit similar to the butterfly I had wen I was a lil kid.

Wowwww this is deff the most stunning of moi butterflies tattoos so far, totally awesome, doncha think?

I love this neck butterfly tattoo and love the verse " Yup i'm gay ", damn right, be proud of wat you are !

Oh Yeah, the blue colour in this butterfly tattoo is just totally stunning, I love this tattoo and it's deff one of the best to date, loves it !

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tattoo Designs For Neck

Tattoo Designs For Neck, Tattoos For The Neck, Neck Tattoos, plus that Tattoguy is a real pain in the neck but ya gotta love the fact he keeps on tryin, poor sod. Anyways my loyal readers, yes both of ya, jeeez will ya wake up and pay some attention as I am tryin to get some virtual bonding going on here.

Today I thought long and hard about what tattoo to write about, jeeez I thought so hard I gave myself a migraine and was gonna write about migraines only twas a pain in the butt, well actually tis a pain in the head but ya get the drift.

So the Menu for today is Tattoo Designs For Neck in which I will show you 6 amazing Tattoo Photos.

Oh yeah baby and ya gotta admit that is a cracker tattoo to start of with. Jeeez wud ya stop seein this chick if ya had a fear of spiders, I had an Aunt that loved spiders !

Did ya know that star tattoos are the most popular with females, tis a fact. I deff love this lil collection of coloured stars, yup star tattoos are the in thing ladies.

Not sure if I fancy two reptiles running about my neck but this chick sure as hell loves her reptile tattoos, some peeps say I am like a snake, tis a rotten thing to say, although I do shed skin when I get sunburnt.

Yeah I know tis a the stars tattoo again but jeez I loves the artwork in this one plus the chicks haircut, in fact I kinda fancy her, if that's you mail me ok !

Wowwww doncha love this angel tattoo, hands up if it's yer fav tattoo so far. Ok counting the hands, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, doncha just love virtual participation, feels like ya know me for real don't it !

Believe it or not this is yet another angel tattoo, I added it in cause I am kinda weird myself and I likes weird things, although I ain't weird enough to get that bugger of a thing tattooed on my neck.

I dunno but everytime I write a tattoo hub I always find both a tattoo I really love and then a tattoo that is totally weird. To you and me tis just a piece of body art but those neck tattoos are actually on somebodys neck for life. " Jeeez yer really clever, has it taken ya this long to work that out you fool " " Nah course not but I never said it before, now go away till I finish this ! "

Anyways I gotta admit the tattoo designs for neck are actually a good idea because if ya end up not likin it and it actually becomes a pain in the neck ya just grow yer hair. Oh except if yer bald, then yer buggered !

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Vampire Tattoos

Vampire Tattoos, Vampire Tattoo, a blog at last I can get my teeth into. Ok hands up if ya actually believe in Vampires, ok all the braindead dipsticks can put their hands down now. My old Gran once told me she was a Vampire when I was a lil boy and it scared the crap out of me until I realised the silly old cow had no teeth, still she cud prob give a nasty suck, on second thoughts kill that thought.

Ok I was gonna do a blog on Twilight / New Moon Tattoos and I have it partly started but I saw some really class lookin Vampire Tattoos and thought bugger Twilight, I will write it some other night. Hands up if ya fancy getting a Vampire Tattoo, ha I bet yer a Goth aren't ya, I love the Goths, I really do. Anyways let's get those tats out girls and have a good look, I just loves a nice tat !!

Now ya gotta love this Vampire Tattoo, 2 hot Vampire Chicks going for Love at first Bite, get in there girl !

Now believe it or not this Vampire Pic is actually a Vampire Tattoo on the neck of a vampire bite. I never got a tattoo of blood being sucked, I just got married ; )

I loves this Vampire Tattoo, ok who has had a lovebite. I had one so deep in my neck I couldn't turn my neck for a week. Something erotic about a lovebite, gettin tingly just rememberin it !

OMG just look at this Vampire Tattoo on this guys chest, totally awesome but I am getting worried, I spent 5 minutes lookin for his nipple. " You are sick, you do know that doncha "

Vampire Tattoos are popular now because of the Twilight Movies so I decided to slip in a Twilight Tattoo, doncha like a nice tat slipping in, kill those naughty thoughts ya dirty devils !

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Monday, 12 April 2010

Johnny Depps Tattoos

Johnny Depps Tattoos, the collection of Johnny Depp Tattoos brought together just for you's, jeeez that rhymed, I should have been a Poet.

Ok hands up if you ladies love Johnny Depp, that old Captain Jack Sparrow to you bunch of wenches. So do you wanna see the Captain Jack Sparrows Tattoos, well I better get moi CabinGirl to pull my t-shirt off so you lovely ladies can enjoy looking at the collection of Johnny Depp Tattoos.

Ya deff love that body, doncha ladies !

Johnny Depp deff looks fit for his age and here he is showing off his Jack Sparrow tattoo.

Let's Look At Johnny Depps Tattoos

Arghhhh the 1st Johnny Depp tattoo is on his right forearm and tis that swallow over a sunset with " Jack " underneath it.

Now many of you wenches may think that Johnny Depp got that tattoo in memory of his character, the lovable pirate Jack Sparrow but twas actually in honour of his son Jack. So there ya go, hands up if ya knew that, ok ya damn smartasses !!

Of course if ya get a tattoo with yer sons name yer not gonna forget yer daughter, not that Johnny Depp would.

Johnny rips his shirt off and gets the daughters name " Lily Rose " engraved just on his heart, the guy is deff a romantic, bit like myself actually.

Lily Rose.
Johnny Depps Tattoos - The Women He Loved.

Now Johnny Depp being a hopeless romantic like myself has to make sure he shows his love for the women in his life and like most guys his first love was his Mum. On his left bicep he has " Betty Sue " in a heart in honour of his Mum and I kinda like this tattoo and I actually don't know that many men with their Mums name on their arms although I have seen loads with the ghastly M . U . M tattooed across their knuckles.

On his right bicep he had tattooed " Winona Forever " showing his love for Winona Ryder when they were a couple. Alas although she stole his heart as well as loads of clothes the poor Miss Ryder was dumped by Johnny and he had the tattoo changed to " Wino Forever ", jeeez how damn cool of Johnny Depp to have a tattoo of me on his arm.

I also forgot to mention that he has an indian chief tattooed just underneath the Wino Forever tattoo.

Poor old Winona Ryder, she becomes Wino Forever, Love never lasts, tis sad methinks !

One of the best Johnny Depps Tattoos is his Mums name Betty Sue.

Another of Johnny Depps Tattoos on his arm is " Silence Exile Cunning " which is a quote from the James Joyce book " A Portrait Of The Artist Of A Young Man." Hands up if any of ya have read that great book from James joyce, yeah rite ya liars. Anyways that Johnny Depp Tattoo just proves our Jack Sparrow like us enjoys the written word, I wonder if he reads any of my hubs?

Above the Betty Sue Tattoo Johnny has this weird looking inverted triangle and I bet ya don't know the meaning of that. Oi you, yes you, the daft bugger with yer hand up, did I say put yer hands up if ya knew. Anyways the inverted triangle is also symbolic of a heart, the universal sign of the feminine and tis used to express romantic love, told ya he was a romantic.

Other Johnny Depp Tattoos are The Brave Symbol from his movie the Brave, the number 3 between his finger and thumb which he thinks is a mystical number. Three rectangles on his right index finger, the skull and crossbones inscribed with " Death Is Certain ", nothing like a nice cheery tattoo.

And last but not least a question mark on his ankle, jeeez Johnny Depp has deff got a lot of tattoos but would you ladies like to see him nude revealing all those vulgar tattoos, I guess you wouldn't or would you?

Below I have put a collage of all Johnny Depps Tattoos so you can see them all in larger size and enjoy the artwork that covers Johnny Depps body. Why do all you women love Johnny Depp, jeez what has he got that I haven't got, answers on a postcard please.

Johnny Depps Tattoos.

Johnny Depp live on stage showing off his indian chief and Jack tattoos, my guess is you ladies wud love Johnny live in yer bedroom !!

Looking mean and moody ya gotta love the Johnny Depps Tattoos, but why do women find Johnny more sexy than me, if I got the same tattoos wud I get the chicks as well ??

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Friday, 9 April 2010

Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpion Tattoo, Scorpion Tattoos, Scorpion Tattoo and why oh why you ask do I keep repeatin myself at the start of my hubs, cause it gets ya high up the google rankings. Bet yer laughin and sayin no it doesn't, trust me it does. Anyways today I am bringin ya cool scorpion tattoos pics and hopefully ya will see one or two that you like.

I am kinda a bit mad at the Oscar awards as I watched the Hurt Locker last night and no way does that pile of cack even compare to Avatar as Avatar was amazin plus I kinda fancied the alien chick in it, just somethin sexy about Aliens, doncha think.

Anyways enjoy yer Friday night and have a great night. I am deff lovin the scorpion tattoo, has a bit of bite, doncha think.

Oh yeah baby keep liftin that top and show us yer tats, " jeeez do ya know how sad, desperate and pathetic ya sound, tis a disgrace " " Yeah I know but tis a great scorpion tattoo, ya didn't think I meant her other tats, did ya?"

Loves this scorpion tattoo and deff ya wud think those lil red eyes were poppin out, bit like my red eyes the day after i've been on the red wine !

I am told this is a Japanese Scorpion, jeeez I didn't even know there were Japanese scorpions, if yer Japanese let me know, oh but don't reply in Japanese ok !

OMG another guy with a scorpion tattoo, damn cracking tattoo but jeeez he's got his raspberry ripple pierced, even after 3 bottles of red wine no bugger wud be piercing my nipple !!!!

Gotta say I am a big fan of the tribal tattoos and this tribal scorpion tattoo is a real beauty as is the chick it's attached to !

Nice lil ear scorpion tattoo and I gotta say I must get a tattoo just there on my ear, personally I think tis a perfect place cause ya can either cover it or show it, loves it.

Another foot scorpion tattoo and this one is one hell of a stunner, ya know wat, I love this tattoo so much I wud even kiss that foot, I wud !

Love this upper arm scorpion tattoo, just love the colours and the design, deff a perfect choice if yer thinking of getting a scorpion tattoo.

Well I hope ya enjoyed the pics, if ya didn't then fear not as I have a treat for ya, I am posting a pet scorpion to each and everyone of you. Oh chill out, like as if I cud afford to do that.

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