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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Butterflies Tattoos

Butterflies Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoo, Butterflies Tattoos and I gotta say I love the butterflies tattoos and why you ask. Well it takes me back to when I was a lil kid and the little things in life used to really amaze me. I had this ugly lil caterpillar in a jamjar and watched it explode out of it's cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly.

I turned to my Old Gran with my buck teeth and skinny lil body and said " One day Gran I am gonna turn out beautiful just like that butterfly just did " " Wise up ya ugly lil bugger " my Old Gran replied, she really was a source of encouragement.

Anyways today moi friends I bring you the amazing butterflies tattoos and ya will love the photos I have for ya of butterflies tattoos. "

Jeeeeez I love virtual interaction, I really do but all joking aside my butterflies tattoos blog just like my other tattoo blogs are useless without you peeps that read them and trust me I appreciate ya and loves ya all to bits for yer continued support, enjoy the butterflies tattoos.

The first of my butterflies tattos is my fav animal combined, a tiger butterfly tattoo.

Love this tribal butterfly tattoo, tis a good job she ain't got hairy armpits, although I kinda like a girl with hairy armpits ; )

I loves a nice neck tattoo and I loves butterflies tattoos so this is a perfect tattoo for moi.

Love this beautiful shoulder butterfly tattoo, tis a bit similar to the butterfly I had wen I was a lil kid.

Wowwww this is deff the most stunning of moi butterflies tattoos so far, totally awesome, doncha think?

I love this neck butterfly tattoo and love the verse " Yup i'm gay ", damn right, be proud of wat you are !

Oh Yeah, the blue colour in this butterfly tattoo is just totally stunning, I love this tattoo and it's deff one of the best to date, loves it !

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