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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Football Tattoos

Football Tattoos, Football Tattoo, Football Tattoos, is a blog I have been meaning to do for ages but have just been to lazy. I have always fancied getting football tattoos but being a Manchester City fan I didn't want peeps thinking I was crazy or weird, jeeez heaven forbid that should happen.

But the other night I was watching Barcelona, they are my 2nd fav team as I love Barcelona and I just jumped up and shouted " I am gonna write about Football Tattoos" and of course that damn neighbour next door shouted back " I will tattoo yer ass with my boot if I hear ya shouting again" Some peeps are so unfriendly and there is no need for it, my Old Gran used to say " Live and let Live " wheras I say " Live and Let Die".

" Ahhhh jeeez are ya havin a laugh, that's the words of the music of a Paul McCartney song" " Yeah I know, he was mates with moi Old Gran"

Anyways today I bring you, wait for it, stunning football tattoos and who knows tis Friday night, one of us might score tonight. I will also have my lil football tattoos video waiting for ya at the end. My Old Gran supports Manchester United, I hate the Utd, for me I am City unil I die, anyways enjoy the football tattoos.


Next football tattoo is the mighty Manchester United, the home of George Best and jeeez that is one stunning back tattoo.

Yeah I know, I am a Manchester City fan and I am showing Manchester United in my football tattoos but hey they have loads of fans and I need the reads ; )

Another big London club at the moment is Chelsea F.C and this tattoo is their club badge, I actually like Chelsea F.C. as they play great football.

A Newcastle United football tattoo and wat a beauty. Newcastle is called Geordie Land, home of the Toon Army of football fans and really lovely peeps, love you Geordies.

On the left we have Arsenal winning the F.A.Cup and on the right Leeds United.

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