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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Lower Back Star Tattoos

Lower Back Star Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos, Star Tattoos, jeeeez I dunno but I am finding that seeing stars is what the females like when it comes to a tattoo and none is more popular than the lower back star tattoos. Being someone who writes about tattoos I find tis my duty to stare at those female lower back star tattoos on women bending over in shopping centres, ok some may think this is creepy but I call it moi research.

So after a lot of careful research into lower back star tattoos I am today bringing you some of the best lower back star tattoos and jeeez there are some real stunners, oh and the tattoos ain't that bad either. Here guess what, I am actually going out this weekend, I know for this weekend only I can actually claim that I have a life. " Just write about the lower back star tattoos ok, the readers are not interested in yer boring life" " I bet they are, I bet a few will ask me to let them know if I scored"

" OMG, are ya having a laugh, you couldn't score in a massage parlour with a million pounds in yer pocket"

Ok enough of that, enjoy the lower back star tattoos and also the lil star tattoos video at the end.

Now this is what I see in the local shopping centre, makes shopping kinda fun but ya gotta love this lower back star tattoo, jeeez is that underwear or dental floss ?

Deff love this lower back star tatto, the pink just sets it of and I recall my Old Gran telling me of for wearing pink boots once, my Old Gran had tattoos but they were mostly of Popeye !

Jeeeez God may have messed up when he made the world we live in but when he made woman he deff created a work of art, oh I likes that tattoo as well, jeeez wat a stunner !

Ok who is shouting why isn't there a  Lower Back Star Tattoos Video, tis really simple, tis moi blog and I will do watever I want with it, alright !! Anyways to be honest I really love star tattoos and I got a feeling you lot do as well so that's why I have decided to show ya a video with a compilation of the best star tattoos out there, you can find it just below highlighted in red.

Anyways all ya lovely peeps tis almost Friday again and as I say I am going out on Saturday night, jeeez I am so excited, I really am, in fact I might even have a bath tonight as I haven't had one since Christmas. I wonder shud I cut my toenails just in case I get lucky, nahhhh if I do I will just keep my socks on !!

Right I am off, I hope all ya lovely peeps enjoyed lookin at my lower back star tattoos and I hope you are all well and that ya all have a lovely weekend. Oh hell let's all share a virtual moment, move right up close to yer computer screen, jeeez a bit closer so I can give ya a virtual hug, there ya go, one virtual hug for ya, enjoy yer weekend peeps and stay safe !

Star Tattoos Video - Star Tattoo Designs

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