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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tattoo Designs For Neck

Tattoo Designs For Neck, Tattoos For The Neck, Neck Tattoos, plus that Tattoguy is a real pain in the neck but ya gotta love the fact he keeps on tryin, poor sod. Anyways my loyal readers, yes both of ya, jeeez will ya wake up and pay some attention as I am tryin to get some virtual bonding going on here.

Today I thought long and hard about what tattoo to write about, jeeez I thought so hard I gave myself a migraine and was gonna write about migraines only twas a pain in the butt, well actually tis a pain in the head but ya get the drift.

So the Menu for today is Tattoo Designs For Neck in which I will show you 6 amazing Tattoo Photos.

Oh yeah baby and ya gotta admit that is a cracker tattoo to start of with. Jeeez wud ya stop seein this chick if ya had a fear of spiders, I had an Aunt that loved spiders !

Did ya know that star tattoos are the most popular with females, tis a fact. I deff love this lil collection of coloured stars, yup star tattoos are the in thing ladies.

Not sure if I fancy two reptiles running about my neck but this chick sure as hell loves her reptile tattoos, some peeps say I am like a snake, tis a rotten thing to say, although I do shed skin when I get sunburnt.

Yeah I know tis a the stars tattoo again but jeez I loves the artwork in this one plus the chicks haircut, in fact I kinda fancy her, if that's you mail me ok !

Wowwww doncha love this angel tattoo, hands up if it's yer fav tattoo so far. Ok counting the hands, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, doncha just love virtual participation, feels like ya know me for real don't it !

Believe it or not this is yet another angel tattoo, I added it in cause I am kinda weird myself and I likes weird things, although I ain't weird enough to get that bugger of a thing tattooed on my neck.

I dunno but everytime I write a tattoo hub I always find both a tattoo I really love and then a tattoo that is totally weird. To you and me tis just a piece of body art but those neck tattoos are actually on somebodys neck for life. " Jeeez yer really clever, has it taken ya this long to work that out you fool " " Nah course not but I never said it before, now go away till I finish this ! "

Anyways I gotta admit the tattoo designs for neck are actually a good idea because if ya end up not likin it and it actually becomes a pain in the neck ya just grow yer hair. Oh except if yer bald, then yer buggered !

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Hebrew Tattoos said...

The tattoo of a huge spider looks amazing, but I definitely wouldn't want one! Ugg!

BadCompany said...

Deff a great tattoo Hebrew, cheers for yer comment !