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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tattoos On Wrist

Tattoos on Wrist, Tattoo on Wrist, Tattoos on Wrist and my sodden wrist is sore writing all this crap and still I am not rich. Jeeez I was told to make money online ya have to be patient, well my patience is wearin thin. " Did ya hear about the Bad Doctor? " " No, what about him? " "He had no patients either!"

Anyways today I am bringing ya tattoos on wrist and trust me you peeps who are thinking about gettin a tattoo, the tattoo on wrist is the new in thing ya know, just look at Cheryl Cole and her wrist tattoo, in fact just look at Cheryl Cole and that stunning lil body, what a shame she isn't a redhead. Although my Old Gran said I shouldn't be fussy as I was a bit of an ugly bugger, god bless her, such a way with words.

Right enough of my waffle, let's show you lovely peeps loads of the best tattoos on wrist that this bad boy cud find ya and trust me there are some stunners in there. If ya fail to find a really great tattoo for yer wrist in this lot of tattoo pics then yer deff  fussy buggers, enjoy the tattoos on wrist.

This tattoos on wrist has 2 lovely lil butterflies right in the middle of the flowers, tis so pretty, doncha think?

Chinese Symbols tattoos on wrist and if yer Chinese please tell me what it says, for all I know it cud say a pork curry with friend rice !


I just love the colours in this wrist tattoo and tis a perfect tattoo for you ladies to get on yer wrist.

My next tattoos on wrist is another religious one and ideal for Easter, this rosary wrist tattoo, that is so cool it's enough to make me religious.

Oh bugger it as tis Easter Sunday let's have another rosary tattoo, jeeez I may try and save all you poor sinners out there.

Deff love this wrist tattoo and you are asking what it means and why the rose, It means "Love conquers all" in latin and the heart is from the band The Foo Fighter's album One by One, cool or wat?

And there I have finished writing my tattoos on wrist blog and my wrist is really sore and so are my eyes, I think tis my hayfever. " Do you ever stop whinging, yer Old Gran was right, you really are a whiney little girl"

" Ya think, ya wanna find out how loud you will whine with my boot up yer ass, now bugger away off"

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