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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Vampire Tattoos

Vampire Tattoos, Vampire Tattoo, a blog at last I can get my teeth into. Ok hands up if ya actually believe in Vampires, ok all the braindead dipsticks can put their hands down now. My old Gran once told me she was a Vampire when I was a lil boy and it scared the crap out of me until I realised the silly old cow had no teeth, still she cud prob give a nasty suck, on second thoughts kill that thought.

Ok I was gonna do a blog on Twilight / New Moon Tattoos and I have it partly started but I saw some really class lookin Vampire Tattoos and thought bugger Twilight, I will write it some other night. Hands up if ya fancy getting a Vampire Tattoo, ha I bet yer a Goth aren't ya, I love the Goths, I really do. Anyways let's get those tats out girls and have a good look, I just loves a nice tat !!

Now ya gotta love this Vampire Tattoo, 2 hot Vampire Chicks going for Love at first Bite, get in there girl !

Now believe it or not this Vampire Pic is actually a Vampire Tattoo on the neck of a vampire bite. I never got a tattoo of blood being sucked, I just got married ; )

I loves this Vampire Tattoo, ok who has had a lovebite. I had one so deep in my neck I couldn't turn my neck for a week. Something erotic about a lovebite, gettin tingly just rememberin it !

OMG just look at this Vampire Tattoo on this guys chest, totally awesome but I am getting worried, I spent 5 minutes lookin for his nipple. " You are sick, you do know that doncha "

Vampire Tattoos are popular now because of the Twilight Movies so I decided to slip in a Twilight Tattoo, doncha like a nice tat slipping in, kill those naughty thoughts ya dirty devils !

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