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Monday, 5 April 2010

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs, Wedding Ring Tattoos, what to hell is a Wedding Ring Tattoo and what to hell is he talkin about I hear ya say. Ok tis really simple ok, let's say yer one of those people who loses yer glasses only to realise yer wearin them.

So just think if ya are afraid of losin yer wedding ring so what better idea than to get a wedding ring tattoo on yer finger, then yer never gonna lose it, well unless ya lose yer finger.

A lovely lil reader suggested the Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs to me and I kinda thought nobody wud be lookin the internet for Wedding Ring Tattoos but jeeez was I wrong, loads of people are gettin wedding ring tattoos, I just can't put my finger on why they are so popular, maybe someone will ring me and let me know. Anyways do enjoy my top Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs.

I am guessing this Wedding Ring Tattoo is a Celtic design but I really like this one, tis a thumbs up for this one, or finger up if yer gettin that tattoo.

Well this Wedding Ring Tattoo must be a personal design or maybe it's her Grans ring, bugger it, maybe it's her Grans damn finger.
Ok I am not exactly the brain of Britain but my guess is that's a guys finger and he's just married a girl called Nat.

Now unless I am mistaken this Wedding Ring Tattoo is roman numerals but is that date 2007, any of you roman readers know ?

Awwww doncha just love matchin Wedding Tattoos but can ya guess which hand is the gorillas, sorry I meant the mans ; )

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