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Monday, 31 May 2010

Weird Tattoos

Weird Tattoos, Weird Tattoo, Weird Tattoos and tis weird that I even think anything is weird these days. Is it just me or are people getting more weird each year, personally I blame the internet because it gives these weird loners a home.

Anyways today I am gonna bring you some really weird tattoos that you will ever see in yer life, they will be such weird tattoos you will be emailing yer friends and saying " Have a look at this tattoo, isn't it weird? " I kinda love the word weird as to be honest I am a bit weird myself ya know, but I like being weird ya know, being ordinary is just plain boring and hell there are too many peeps that are boring these days.

Of course at the end of my weird tattoos blog I will have 2 totally weird videos of the weirdest tattoos you will ever see. Hands up if you think yer a bit weird, jeeez get yer hands down you soddin weirdos, jeeeez my tattoo blogs are just read by weirdos, Great !! But I do know a lot of you tattoo fans want a tattoo that is different, a real bad kickass tattoo that people will stare at and that's another thing. Ya ever notice these days how nosey people are, like yesterday I was out for a walk and this old guy kept lookin over at me, I just wanted to shout " what are ya looking at, do ya want a photo? " I know, I am so immature, I blame my new medication.

Anyways enjoy the mouth watering weird tattoos and I will catch ya at the bottom of the photos with 2 great videos.

Now that's what I call one hell of a weird tattoo, methinks I am gonna keep an eye on this chick !

Didn't I tell ya at the start that peeps are weird, gotta say that weird tattoo made me laugh but do remember, smoking is bad for ya ; )

Just thought I wud post a photo of a nice chick I picked up at the weekend, she's moi catwoman, do ya like her ?

Two nice weird matching tattoos on the eyelids, I kinda find this sexy, doncha agree ?

Lol ya gotta love this lil funny monkey weird tattoo, loves it !

And the last of my weird tattoos is that crazy chick who fell asleep getting a tattoo and woke up seeing stars, now that's a star tattoo for sure.

Jeeeez I gotta say I enjoyed writing that weird tattoos blog, I found there are peeps out there that are even more weird than me. I do however like that one at the end of the chick with the 52 star tattoos on her face, I actually think it looks pretty cool, but then that's me !

Anyways I hope you all enjoyed that collection of weird tattoos and if you want to see even more crazy and weird tattoos then fear not because I have found you 2 great weird tattoos videos which you will just under here.

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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos, Dragon Tattoo Designs and by Dragons I don't mean the wife. I actually was lookin at dragon tattoos way back in my late teens, I call those years my Golden Years, all those chicks that I thought were ugly back then I wud gladly have now, yup as ya get older ya deff get less picky.

Anyways when I think of dragon tattoos my mind goes back to Bruce Lee in that movie Enter The Dragon, jeeez that movie made me study the martial arts and I went on to get a black belt so I did.

Was in the changing rooms after the class and noticed my belt on my jeans had bust so I stole the blokes beside me and it just happened to be black. Anyways enough of my purile crap, let's go look at some tasty dragon tattoos.

Ok who is shouting out she's not real it's a cartoon photo. I know but ya know wat, I love that dragon tattoo and I think it's possible to love a cartoon !

Now this is what I call a dragon tattoo, probably because tis a dragon and tis a tattoo but one thing I have noticed doing tattoos, the shoulderblades of the female are really sexy or is my desperation getting worse, I fear for my sanity !

Ok forget what I said about the cartoon tattoo, I am in love with this chick. Just look at the dragon tattoo running right down her back, jeeez I need a cold shower, doing these hubs is hard work ; )

Now didn't I tell ya the shoulderblade was sexy and this dragon tattoo is totally stunning. But is that a female back or is it a guy, am I gay, I hope not as it's a pain in the ass !

Deff this dragon tattoo belongs to a man by the look of his muscles so better not call him a woman as he might find me. Love the blue and orange mix, pure artistry !

This dragon back tattoo is just plain black or is it blue, either way it proves the old theory that plain can be sexy, I deff love this dragon tattoo a lot.

 I decided to keep the best of the dragon tattoos to the end. Now that is what I call a tattoo, love the thighs and fishnets as well, shame I go for personality ; )

Jeeez I thought I wud never finish writin this dragon tattoos hub, tis a Saturday night and I shud be out getting drunk and chatting up some redhead. " A guy or a woman redhead? " " Oi are ya trying to be funny, ya saying I am gay or something " " Nah but I do think ya shud take the medication the Doctor gave ya for our split personality " " You take it ok ! "

Anyways peeps I hope ya enjoyed the dragon tattoos pics, I have included a nice lil video showing a nice collection of dragon tattoos, yes I know, I am way too good to ya all but hey I loves ya all, yer the only friends I have. Right I am off to get drunk, enjoy yer Saturday night !

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Friday, 28 May 2010

Star Tattoo Designs For Girls

Star Tattoo Designs For Girls, Star Tattoo Designs and yeah I know I have written about star tattoos before.

I will be writing a few more as well because Star Tattoo Designs For Girls are the most popular kind of tattoo design that grace the female body, I loves a really good star tattoo anyway, as you girls know, I love my tats !!

Anyway on this Friday can I give all you ladies a huge hug and a kiss and enjoy yer day, and sit back and enjoy the star tattoos photos. I will try and make this Star Tattoo Designs For Girls a collection to remember.

At the very end of the blog I will of course give you the usual video with a good collection of star tattoos, anyways enjoy the photos and I hope you find a star tattoo that you want !

Oh yeah my ideal woman, red hair, red top and lovely lil burst of stars just above her breast, if yer reading this mail me !

Yup I deff love this star tattoo design, loads of black stars running down the whole side of her body, a true work of Art, and the tattoos ain't bad either ; )

Another belly star tattoo design and yet again done in the plain black ink. I gotta say the plain black ink only really is the way to go if yer getting a star tattoo, has a touch of style about it !

OMG talk about overkill, for me this star back tattoo has to be the worst tattoo I have seen yet, it's just so wrong in so many ways, watta you lot think, jeez do ya think and if ya do let's me know !

Nice lil stars on the foot, 3 different colours plus a nice lil verse, Live, Laugh and Love, kinda 3 good bits of advice, doncha think ?

Anyways over to the right is a great video with the top 25 star photos, the video photos are great but I gotta warn ya that the music with it is the worst music I have heard so hit the mute button. Anyways I am off to get a bottle of wine , enjoy the Star Tattoo Designs For Girls Video.

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Football Tattoos

Football Tattoos, Football Tattoo, Football Tattoos, is a blog I have been meaning to do for ages but have just been to lazy. I have always fancied getting football tattoos but being a Manchester City fan I didn't want peeps thinking I was crazy or weird, jeeez heaven forbid that should happen.

But the other night I was watching Barcelona, they are my 2nd fav team as I love Barcelona and I just jumped up and shouted " I am gonna write about Football Tattoos" and of course that damn neighbour next door shouted back " I will tattoo yer ass with my boot if I hear ya shouting again" Some peeps are so unfriendly and there is no need for it, my Old Gran used to say " Live and let Live " wheras I say " Live and Let Die"......" Ahhhh jeeez are ya havin a laugh, that's the words of the music of a Paul McCartney song" " Yeah I know, he was mates with moi Old Gran"

Anyways today I bring you, wait for it, stunning football tattoos and who knows tis almost Friday night, one of us might score tonight. I will also have my lil football tattoos video waiting for ya at the end. My Old Gran supports Manchester United, I hate the Utd, for me I am City unil I die, anyways enjoy the football tattoos.

The three lions, the symbol on the England shirt is my first football tattoo, do ya think they will win the World Cup, not a chance, twil be Spain ;)

A Newcastle United football tattoo and wat a beauty. Newcastle is called Geordie Land, home of the Toon Army of football fans and really lovely peeps, love you Geordies.

The famous cockeral is the next of my football tattoos and this is the London club Tottenham Hotspur.

Next football tattoo is the mighty Manchester United, the home of George Best and jeeez that is one stunning back tattoo.

Yeah I know, I am a Manchester City fan and I am showing Manchester United in my football tattoos but hey they have loads of fans and I need the reads ; )

Another big club is the mighty Liverpool F.C. and I like this tattoo but jeeez can anyone understand what a scouser is talking about, the strangest accent in the world.

Another big London club at the moment is Chelsea F.C and this tattoo is their club badge, I actually like Chelsea F.C. as they play great football.

Another England fan in this football tattoo and ya gotta pity all those poor South Africans who will be viewing this sight in this summers World Cup.

I gotta say I enjoyed doing the Football Tattoos blog and I hope ya enjoy the Football Tattoos Video and do watch it as I have and trust me it really is good. Anyways tis almost Friday and I am not drinking tonight, jeeez moi hands are shakin as I am typin, I needs a lil drink to chill out but I am gonna lie on the sofa and watch a movie.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tattoos Pics

Tattoos Pics, Tattoo Pic, Tattoo Pics and yes peeps tis another great tattoos blog, methinks I will have a tattoo party, or I may just post another 200 blogs by the end of this year. I actually enjoy showing loads of stunning tattoos pics, for me the artwork in some tattoos are just as good as any picture hanging up in a picture gallery, not that I wud know, hardly my thing !

Anyways today I am bringing ya real mouthwatering tattoos pics that will have the saliva drippin out of the side of yer mouth. I will also be bringing ya a great tattoos pics video at the end of the hub just in case ya didn't spot a tattoo pic that ya like, I always make allowances for the fussy bugger.

God doncha just hate being poor, I swear I wish I cud win the Lottery but my balls never seem to pop out,or even meet a rich widow who wud spoil me, cook me lovely dinners and pamper me with her lovin, I just wants to be loved by a nice woman, is that too much to ask. Anyways enjoy the earthmoving tattoos pics and then catch the lil video at the end. !

The first of my jawdropping tattoos pics is this flower tattoo running down the body, jeeez my saliva is dribbling down my chin !

The next of my tattoos pics is that beautiful black rose tattoo and I for one wud deff help her trim her roses.

Nice lil belly tattoo with a few butterflies, gotta say I love this one, tis really artistic.

All I can say is Wowwww, this these tattoos and that chick are totally stunning, I am in Love !!

Any of you girls looking an idea for a sleeve tattoo, I loves this one for sure.

What can I say, I just can't post a selection of tattoos pics without including a stunning foot tattoo, loves these two !!

The last of my tattoos pics is this earthmoving selection of butterflies on this jawdropping back tattoo, I loves it.

Well I hope ya enjoyed my saliva dripping tattoos pics and can I just say a big thank you to any of you lovely peeps that have followed me throughout my blogs, and I hope you will follow me through my next few hundreds of blogs.

If any of you fussy buggers are still wondering what tattoo to get I have picked out a great tattoos pics video with a collection of mind shattering tattoos which I hope you enjoy.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Music Note Tattoo Designs

Music Note Tattoo Designs, Music Note Tattoos, Music Tattoos are something you would think peeps would never think of getting but after doing a research on them I discovered that not only are music note tattoo designs popular they are damn artistic as well.

Good thing is ya can pop a music note tattoo on yer arm, yer legs, yer back, yer face, jeeez stick a music tattoo on yer ass and fart out a tune for godssake. Anyways as always I have managed to find only the very best tattoos for all you tattoo lovers who like myself are always on the lookout for a nice lookin tat.

Anyways I am off for a cup of tea, you lot look at the pretty pictures and I will catch ya all at the end bit where I type another bit of waffle for ya all, enjoys the music note tattoo designs.

Our old friend the star tattoo with loads of coloured music notes coming from it, deff love this one. I wonder can ya get a full song tattooed on yer body, wonder has anyone?

Looking at those two black music notes takes me back to school and learning music, I hated music and if my old music teacher is readin this " Yer a Tosspot "

Ewwwww jeeeez my foot phobia is back again, I can hardly look and I can't understand foot fetish freaks. Anyways tis a classy music tattoo, ok so the feet are ok, still hate feet though !

Poor chick didn't want this tattoo, walked into the wrong shop said " I want to hear music ", the tattooist thought she said I want ear music, tis a sad and sorry tale !

Oh yeah, me and this hot lookin chick cud deff make wonderful music together, just a case of hitting the right notes, doncha think ; )

Ha I was right earlier when I said about getting a song tattooed on yer arm, jeeeez it's a pain being right all the time, anyways nice music tattoo, I likes it.

I guess these music tattoos can only be called a pain in the neck but that pretty lil musical neck can sing on my pillow any night ending with "day", deff my fav music tattoo !

Ok ya have come here looking for some ideas for music note tattoo designs as you are thinking of getting a music tattoo. Well fear not because ya have come to the right place as I am always hear to give ya some tattoo ideas.

Look at the nice lil video just underneath here, enjoy the song and see if ya like any of those music note tattoo designs. In the video she shows 13 tattoos and then the video finishes but plays on, the black screen means it's finished ok, just so ya know.

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Monday, 24 May 2010

Tattoos Ideas

Tattoo Ideas, Tatto Idea, Tattoo Ideas, jeeez to be honest most times I haven't an idea wat to hell I am talkin about. But tattoo ideas is deff something I do know about, I guess ya cud call me a lover of the female tattoo.

For me the lower back tattoo on a woman is stunning but for other tattoos ideas there is the wrist tattoo which has got really popular lately among the celebs. I also gotta say among the loads of tattoos I have posted I do love a nice lil tattoo on the neck just below the ear, tis kinda sexy, doncha think.

Anyways today I will be bringing ya earthmoving photos that will totally rock yer world and leave ya with saliva drippin down yer chin. I will also be bringing ya 2 nice lil video collection of great tattoos that will hopefully give anyone thinking of getting a tattoo some good tattoo ideas, anyways tis moi teabreak and moi friends are waitin on me, ok so just the one friend ok, right not a friend ok just a guy I work with, enjoy moi tattoos ideas.

I have shown this photo before in my lowerback tattoos hub but I love it so much I just had to put it in my tattoos ideas hub.

Ya can't beat the star tattoos for tattoos ideas and this chick has combined star tattoos with her own designs, looks great !

Wowwww, jeeez this ladies is the tattoo for you, I gotta say this is for me the best tattoo I have seen yet, totally stunning.

Love this cross tattoo on the shoulder, deff a good tattoo idea for you ladies.

Love these unusual face tattoos on the hand but wud you get these tattoos on yer hand?

Love this cross tattoo with the purple rose on it, this is top of my list of tattoos ideas.

Another great tribal tattoo on the foot, jeeez methinks I am actually starting to like feet tattoos.

Jeeez doesn't yer 15 minutes teabreak just fly by, some peeps say time flys wen yer enjoyin yerself, to be honest it flys by just as quick wen yer as miserable as hell. Anyways enough of my talkin crap, I hope ya really enjoyed the tattoos ideas photos cause it took me ages a hunting them down.

Being human myself I know there will be a few buggers that still haven't seen any tattoos ideas that they like and tis why I also add 2 videos as well. I swear I am too good to you peeps, my Old Gran used to say " Art, yer a good boy but people will take advantage of you " Can I just say if yer a hot redhead reading this ya can take advantage of me anytime ya want.

Tattoos Ideas Videos.

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Sunday, 23 May 2010

3D Tattoos Pictures

3D Tattoo Pictures, 3D Tattoos Pictures, 3D Tattoo Pictures, jeeez my Doctor said I had 3D or was it something else, wasn't really listening. Anyways hands up if ya remember moi last 3D tattoo pictures blog, wasn't it fantastic. " Bit of a bighead aren't ya? " " No I wasn't claiming the praise, I mean't the 3D Tattoo Pictures were cool tattoos, I am way too shy to be bigheaded "

Anyways peeps be prepared to be stunned as today I bring ya mind blowing and eye jerking 3D tattoo pictures. It will be like yer watching Avatar, in fact if ya have 3D glasses put them on as it will make this hub look better.

Ok put yer hands up if ya went and put 3D glasses on to look at the 3D tattoo pictures, jeeez get yer hands down ya daft dipsticks, I was only joking. Anyways as I say I have scanned the world for the most beautiful 3d tattoo pictures and I have found some that I am sure you will love and yes I have a cute lil video of 3d tattoos at the end of the blog just waiting for ya. Now off ya go and do enjoy yer 3D experience, I wonder what it was that Doctor said I had, I am sure she said I had 3D, maybe not, anyways enjoy the pretty photos you lovely peeps.

Jeeeez I have heard that old saying of having a monkey on yer back but hell wud ya get this 3D tattoo on yer back, just unreal !

OMG the lil black widow spider in fantastic 3D climbing up yer neck, love this 3D tattoo !

Just thought I wud throw in another stunning 3D spider tattoo to scare you buggers that have Awrecknaphobia, " Ya sure that's how ya spell that phobia, just doesn't look right to me" "Who cares, I don't!"

I am almost sure I have posted this tattoo in my lower back tattoo blogs but tis such a stunning tattoo it deserves a mention in my 3D tattoos pictures hub, doncha think?

In my quest to bring ya the best 3D tattoos I bring ya the best Quest 3D tattoo, ya like that, cool or wat !

Another Movie that scared me was the ScareCrow but jeeez I so love this 3D tattoo, I cud see that tat on my chest.

Maybe I shud have called this 3D tattoos pictures blog spiders tattoos but you have to admit this is the best 3D tattoo so far, just mind blowing !

And for moi last 3D tattoo picture I have to say I have my eyes on you, yes YOU !!!

And yet another 3D Tattoos Pictures blog comes to a close, I kinda get all emotional and sad wen I finish a blog, tis like losing a lil friend. Maybe I am just unstable although I was once in a stable relationship. Twas with a farmers daughter, we used to meet up 3 nights a week in this stable she had, those were really fun days indeedy.

Anyways I hope ya enjoyed those earth moving 3D tattoos pictures because it took me ages finding them ya know. Plus I know that someone reading this is probably interested in getting a 3D tattoo so just for you I have also included a great lil 3D tattoos video which has a great collection of 3D tattoos pictures so that shud give ya some great ideas.

Right peeps that's another tattoo blog  done, I gotta say I loves the 3D tattoos pictures and you know wat I wud buy if I won the Lottery. One of those new spanking TVs that show the soccer in amazing 3D, how cool wud it be to be watching a match with a cold beer, 3D specs on and tis like the player is on yer knee, wud be like heaven, " you mean Iowa" " jeeez wud you drop that sodden Field Of Dreams quote ya tosser"

                                              3D Tattoos Pictures Video

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