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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Flower Tattoos For Girls

Great Tattoos brings you Flower Tattoos for Girls, Tattoo Flower,  Flower Tattoos and just in case yer a bit on the slow side today I will be bringing ya a lot of Flower Tattoos for Girls.

Ok hands up if ya missed me yesterday and were all sad cause ya didn't see moi tattoos. Ok no sodden hands, ok hands up if ya never even noticed I wasn't about yesterday, ok get yer hands down ya fickle lot of buggers.

Jeeez I was suffering from a sore elbow, not that you lot care, as my Old Gran used to say " Look after yerself son, nobody else gives a toss" Although to be honest she didn't give a toss either, stupid old bag !!

Anyways today I bring ya some earthmoving photos of the Flower Tattoos for Girls, " OMG did ya just say earthmoving?" " Yeah, I was watching a movie trailer last night and the guy said it was earthmoving so I thought I wud use it in moi next blog" " Cool, I like it "

So as I was saying moi Flower Tattoos for Girls blog will contain earthmoving photos and I am hoping moi Tattoo Flower blog will be like visiting yer local garden centre, anyways tis moi teabreak, enjoy the flower tattoos.

Wowwwwww, ya just gotta love the black design running through this flower tattoo, totally love this tattoo.
Love this flower tattoo design running up her side to just under her breast, she looks like she just might need a hand ; )

Now these Flower Tattoos for Girls are actually jawdropping, jeeeez the artwork in those are amazing, it must have taken ages to tattoo them, love them !

There is just something about this flower tattoo I love but I can't be assed describing it.

Oh Yeah, deff love this tribal vine tattoo plus in purple, I am in love with this girl !

Love this wrist orchid flower tattoo and methinks that is her boyfriend Kierans name on her arm, hope ya loves her back Kieran !

I gotta say the  Flower Tattoos for Girls really looks great on the female body, jeeez I think I wud look better on the female body but tis just my thought. Anyways I gotta say the flower tattoo is without doubt just earthmoving and really makes a woman look hot, although as ya know I think the female body is Gods greatest piece of work.

Flower Tattoos For Girls Video.

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