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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty Tattoos, Hello Kitty Tattoo, Hello Kitty, ok hands up if ya have never heard of who Hello Kitty is, well if yer hand is up will ya say hello to Bin Laden who must be sharin that cave with ya. I actually got the idea for this blog from my daughter who buys hello kitty crap online, jeeez what is it about that daft white kitty that girls like.

I actually bought my daughter a hello kitty online, well a hello kitty cushion and hello kitty bedspread to be exact, yeah I know I am the perfect Dad, I tries my best ya know. Anyways I was farting about online when I noticed a photo of some chick with a Hello Kitty Tattoo and I am like " Who wud want Hello Kitty Tattoos?".

Turns out there are millions of girls out there that think it's really cool to have that cute lil kitty tattooed on their body and ya know what, the Hello Kitty Tattoos are actually really stunning. " Another Girly Blog Art " " Oh shut to hell up Gran and take yer medication ", anyways enjoy the hello kitty tattoos.

Nice lil side hello kitty tattoo but doncha just love the cupcake just below her breast, am almost tempted to bite a bit of it, the cupcake that is ; )

OMG I had just got over the religious tattoo when I see poor cute lil Hello Kitty with a devils tail and a whip, methinks Hello Kitty can be a bad girl, doncha think ?

Bet wen ya saw Hello Kitty Tattoos ya thought it wud be all lil cute tattoos, deff love this skull with wings kitty plus my fav colour purple, my fav so far !

At last just what we expected and here it is, a nice cute lil Hello Kitty Tattoo, I kinda like it, jeeez maybe I am a big girly !

Nice lil belly Hello Kitty Tattoo, nice lil belly button, nice jeans, jeeez if yer the chick in the pic email me, just say " It's me Kitty "

Ohhhh yess I love this ankle Hello kitty Tattoo with the lil chain, tis similar to Peaches Geldofs wrist tattoo, I deff love this tattoo, nice lil ankle as well.

Hello Kitty Tattoos Video

Ya know wat, after writing all about Hello Kitty Tattoos I am just realising how cool Hello Kitty is and perhaps I might get myself a Hello Kitty bedspread as well.

Ok tis not cool for a guy to have a Hello Kitty bedspread but like who is gonna see it, well except all the chicks I pull each weekend. " Tis almost the weekend now and yer stuck in writin this crap so who are ya pullin? " " Oh shut to hell up Gran, I can pretend, tis not as if they will know"

Anyways guess what, ok what smartass shouted out I bet yer gonna say enjoy the Hello Kitty Tattoos Video, well yer right ya smartass.

I gotta say what with my Betty Boop Tattoos and now my Hello Kitty Tattoos I kinda wish I was a girl, tis a pity my Mom only dressed me in a dress until I was 8, anyways enjoy the video.

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