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Friday, 28 May 2010

Star Tattoo Designs For Girls

Star Tattoo Designs For Girls, Star Tattoo Designs and yeah I know I have written about star tattoos before.

I will be writing a few more as well because Star Tattoo Designs For Girls are the most popular kind of tattoo design that grace the female body, I loves a really good star tattoo anyway, as you girls know, I love my tats !!

Anyway on this Friday can I give all you ladies a huge hug and a kiss and enjoy yer day, and sit back and enjoy the star tattoos photos. I will try and make this Star Tattoo Designs For Girls a collection to remember.

At the very end of the blog I will of course give you the usual video with a good collection of star tattoos, anyways enjoy the photos and I hope you find a star tattoo that you want !

Oh yeah my ideal woman, red hair, red top and lovely lil burst of stars just above her breast, if yer reading this mail me !

Yup I deff love this star tattoo design, loads of black stars running down the whole side of her body, a true work of Art, and the tattoos ain't bad either ; )

Another belly star tattoo design and yet again done in the plain black ink. I gotta say the plain black ink only really is the way to go if yer getting a star tattoo, has a touch of style about it !

OMG talk about overkill, for me this star back tattoo has to be the worst tattoo I have seen yet, it's just so wrong in so many ways, watta you lot think, jeez do ya think and if ya do let's me know !

Nice lil stars on the foot, 3 different colours plus a nice lil verse, Live, Laugh and Love, kinda 3 good bits of advice, doncha think ?

Anyways over to the right is a great video with the top 25 star photos, the video photos are great but I gotta warn ya that the music with it is the worst music I have heard so hit the mute button. Anyways I am off to get a bottle of wine , enjoy the Star Tattoo Designs For Girls Video.

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Naag panchmi said...

I like the red one. She is sexy..