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Monday, 24 May 2010

Tattoos Ideas

Tattoo Ideas, Tatto Idea, Tattoo Ideas, jeeez to be honest most times I haven't an idea wat to hell I am talkin about. But tattoo ideas is deff something I do know about, I guess ya cud call me a lover of the female tattoo.

For me the lower back tattoo on a woman is stunning but for other tattoos ideas there is the wrist tattoo which has got really popular lately among the celebs. I also gotta say among the loads of tattoos I have posted I do love a nice lil tattoo on the neck just below the ear, tis kinda sexy, doncha think.

Anyways today I will be bringing ya earthmoving photos that will totally rock yer world and leave ya with saliva drippin down yer chin. I will also be bringing ya 2 nice lil video collection of great tattoos that will hopefully give anyone thinking of getting a tattoo some good tattoo ideas, anyways tis moi teabreak and moi friends are waitin on me, ok so just the one friend ok, right not a friend ok just a guy I work with, enjoy moi tattoos ideas.

I have shown this photo before in my lowerback tattoos hub but I love it so much I just had to put it in my tattoos ideas hub.

Ya can't beat the star tattoos for tattoos ideas and this chick has combined star tattoos with her own designs, looks great !

Wowwww, jeeez this ladies is the tattoo for you, I gotta say this is for me the best tattoo I have seen yet, totally stunning.

Love this cross tattoo on the shoulder, deff a good tattoo idea for you ladies.

Love these unusual face tattoos on the hand but wud you get these tattoos on yer hand?

Love this cross tattoo with the purple rose on it, this is top of my list of tattoos ideas.

Another great tribal tattoo on the foot, jeeez methinks I am actually starting to like feet tattoos.

Jeeez doesn't yer 15 minutes teabreak just fly by, some peeps say time flys wen yer enjoyin yerself, to be honest it flys by just as quick wen yer as miserable as hell. Anyways enough of my talkin crap, I hope ya really enjoyed the tattoos ideas photos cause it took me ages a hunting them down.

Being human myself I know there will be a few buggers that still haven't seen any tattoos ideas that they like and tis why I also add 2 videos as well. I swear I am too good to you peeps, my Old Gran used to say " Art, yer a good boy but people will take advantage of you " Can I just say if yer a hot redhead reading this ya can take advantage of me anytime ya want.

Tattoos Ideas Videos.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be watching for sute

absolutely love the site

way to go!

Anonymous said...

im a skater girl and i want a tattoo but i cant decide what to go with if some one can help me out itd be awesome. thanks