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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tattoos Pics

Tattoos Pics, Tattoo Pic, Tattoo Pics and yes peeps tis another great tattoos blog, methinks I will have a tattoo party, or I may just post another 200 blogs by the end of this year. I actually enjoy showing loads of stunning tattoos pics, for me the artwork in some tattoos are just as good as any picture hanging up in a picture gallery, not that I wud know, hardly my thing !

Anyways today I am bringing ya real mouthwatering tattoos pics that will have the saliva drippin out of the side of yer mouth. I will also be bringing ya a great tattoos pics video at the end of the hub just in case ya didn't spot a tattoo pic that ya like, I always make allowances for the fussy bugger.

God doncha just hate being poor, I swear I wish I cud win the Lottery but my balls never seem to pop out,or even meet a rich widow who wud spoil me, cook me lovely dinners and pamper me with her lovin, I just wants to be loved by a nice woman, is that too much to ask. Anyways enjoy the earthmoving tattoos pics and then catch the lil video at the end. !

The first of my jawdropping tattoos pics is this flower tattoo running down the body, jeeez my saliva is dribbling down my chin !

The next of my tattoos pics is that beautiful black rose tattoo and I for one wud deff help her trim her roses.

Nice lil belly tattoo with a few butterflies, gotta say I love this one, tis really artistic.

All I can say is Wowwww, this these tattoos and that chick are totally stunning, I am in Love !!

Any of you girls looking an idea for a sleeve tattoo, I loves this one for sure.

What can I say, I just can't post a selection of tattoos pics without including a stunning foot tattoo, loves these two !!

The last of my tattoos pics is this earthmoving selection of butterflies on this jawdropping back tattoo, I loves it.

Well I hope ya enjoyed my saliva dripping tattoos pics and can I just say a big thank you to any of you lovely peeps that have followed me throughout my blogs, and I hope you will follow me through my next few hundreds of blogs.

If any of you fussy buggers are still wondering what tattoo to get I have picked out a great tattoos pics video with a collection of mind shattering tattoos which I hope you enjoy.

Please do bookmark Great Tattoos as I intend to bring you Great Tattoos about everything and if you have any type of Great Tattoos you want me to write about please leave me a comment.


Marisa Wright said...

As you know, Art, tattoos are not really my thing unless they're on belly dancers, but I just had to post to say - what an amazing design for your site! It's fan-bloody-tastic!