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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna Tattoos, Rihanna Tattoo, Rihanna Tattoos and that hot chick Rihanna has 13 tattoos peppered around that hot lil body. love Rihanna so much we want her to leave Chris Brown and come live with us so we can get a better look at the Rihanna Tattoos. But hey you didn't log on here to listen to my crap, ya logged on to see Rihanna Tattoos so let's take a tour of her 13 tattoos.

The first of the Rihanna Tattoos is her hot lil music tattoos on her ankle.

The next of the Rihanna Tattoos are the four words on her hip, Forgiveness, Truth, Supression and Calmnest, cool or what?

Just below her ear Rihanna has her birth sign Pisces tattoed.

One of my fav of Rihanna Tattoos is this hot little black gun tattoo.

I gotta say I love star tattoos and this one of Rihanna Tattoos on her back.

It would seem Rihanna like the star tattoos as well as we can see by the Rihanna Tattoos on her neck.

Ok hands up if you are enjoying the Rihanna Tattoos, hands up if ya want to see a lil video of her tattoos and listen to her singing as ya watch them. Ok I present a nice lil video of the Rihanna Tattoos.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Koi Tattoos

Koi Tattoos, Koi Tattoo Designs, Koi Tattoos and well you peeps I decided to do a good tattoo blog because I likes tattoos. One of the most common Tattoos in Japan is the Koi Tattoos and I gotta say this type of tattoo is just stunning.

I hope you are all enjoying the World Cup 2010, damn U.S.A were robbed of a good 3-2 win, I really hate cheats but on the plus side I recorded the England match and now I can use it anytime I have problems sleepin, jeeez wasn't lil Rooney in a lil mood at the end. " Will ya shut up about soccer and get on with the Koi Tattoos or ya will bore them and they will bugger off ya fool " " Bore them, are you having a laugh, did ya watch England in the World Cup, that's what ya call borin "

Anyways today you lovely peeps I am bringing you  really fishy Koi Tattoos and as always 2 lil koi tattoos videos at the end. I am hoping you enjoy this Koi Tattoos blog as I have put my heart and sole into it and no I am not fishing for compliments, as if you peeps wud take the bait. Enjoy the lil fishies and catch the videos at the bottom.

Love this chicks shoulder koi tattoos design, now this tattoo is just beautiful.

Or how about getting a koi tattoos on your ribcage ladies, now that is for sure a work of art.

                          Great lowerback koi tattoos design, totally awesome tattoo.

Woooo, the colours in this koi tattoo are just jaw dropping, I just love it.

Two koi sleeve tattoo designs and man they are stunning.

I am thinking this collection of koi tattoos are going to be so stunning it will be hard to pick a favourite.

Well you peeps I really hope you found a koi tattoos that you liked in those earth shattering photos but if you didn't then fear not. I spent almost 16 hours looking online to find you the best koi tattoos videos, ok well it might have only been like 10 minutes but it seemed like hours.

Anyways enjoy the 2 videos and make sure you watch both of the koi tattoos videos or I will have wasted my time and time is precious moi friends. I cud be sitting out in the garden sunning myself but like a true internet geek I am sat here helping you to pick the right koi tattoo.

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cool Tattoos

Cool Tattoos,Cool Tattoo,Cool Tattoos , and tonight moi friends I am bringing ya some of the coolest tattoos I have seen. By cool I mean really awesome and not cool as in cold, just in case yer a dummy ya know. If ya are a real dummy wud ya pay $500 into my Paypal account, that's moi dummy !

Anyways tis a Saturday and I just love a Saturday as ya gets a nice lie in on the Sunday morning, who knows I may pick a nice lil redhead up and get my breakfast in bed. " Ya think that's gonna happen sittin watchin Cold Case, is she gonna be just callin at the door ya sad loser " " Do ya have to share my life with these kind peeps, I can dream ya know " Anyways enjoy the cool tattoos and video and have a better Saturday night than me, cause if ya don't I fear ya lead a really borin life !!

OMG this cool tattoos design is deff my all time fav, words just can't describe the beauty of this tattoo, and the chick ain't half hot as well !!!

What can I say about this cool tattoos but tis totally amazin, tis it just me or does it have a Wind In The Willows theme to it !

One for all you lovely Americans, the American Flag and the Eagle, loves it.

Lovely Japanese tattoo of the lovely Geisha Girl, just perfection and of my fav cool tattoos, doncha think.

Now that is what I call a Dragon Tattoo, if yer gonna get a tattoo get a good one, this one is sure good.

Oh yes, my angel, jeeez not the cool tattoo ya peeps, I mean the hot redhead !

Wat a really strange cool tattoo to end with, a Buddah Tattoo but ya wud think those tentacles were grabbin at her legs or is it just my crazy imagination thinks that !

Well to be honest I kinda think I already brought ya some really cool tattoos but as tis the weekend and I am kinda bored I decided to find a nice lil video with some more cool tattoos for ya all to look at. And guess wat, I got an awesome video, isn't that awesome, " it wud be awesome if ya stopped sayin awesome " " Yeah and it wud be awesome if you got up of yer lazy ass and got me a bottle of red wine for tonight " " Jeeez beware all, the fool will be leavin drunken comments tonight "

Anyways peeps have a great Saturday night ok, ya only live once, well unless yer religious then ya be born again. Ya know the funny thing, I believe in reincarnation, do ya think that's why I have a split personality. " Are you askin me? " " No, I am askin my readers " " You mean people out there read this crap, jeeez I thought we were crazy "

Enjoy the Cool Tattoos Video, loves ya all !

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Nose Studs

Nose Studs, Nose Stud, Nose Studs and as a guy I acually really like nose studs, in a woman that is. But this morning off I go for my daily walk to get my Sunday paper to my local shop where my lil redhead works, well she's actually dyed it purple now so she's basically a purplehead now.

Anyways in I walked with a whistle and a lil wiggle in my walk when I looks over at her and noticed that her stunning purple nose stud is now a black one, jeeez I swear I thought it was a damn blackhead. Lovin my nose studs I said to her " Do ya know yer black nose stud looks like a blackhead" and she replies " Did you know that I am looking at a Dipstick!", I mean how rude, I guess she doesn't fancy me after all.

Today as you may have guessed I am bringing you some spanking lil photos of nose studs and then at the very end 2 cracking lil nose studs videos. I am hoping that if yer thinking of getting a nose stud these photos and videos will help you make yer mind up. I wonder was the girl in the shop only joking, like who wud think I am a Dipstick?

Loves this glowing nose stud but surely the one up the nose is gonna hurt if ya sneeze.

Even Miley Cyrus loves her nose studs, is it just me or does Miley Cyrus look like Hannah Montana.

Nice simple little nose stud, and such a pretty smile.

Nice collection of large coloured nose studs, see a colour you fancy ladies?

Personally if I was getting a nose stud I wud get a kickass one like this, oh yeah !

Deff when it comes to nose studs ya just can't beat good old gold.

    Gotta say I love this lil collection of nose studs, the purple one being my favourite of course.

I gotta say although it's mainly you ladies that have nose studs if I was younger I wud deff have a nice lil purple nose stud in my nose. After all I used to have double ear piercings when I was in my teens, I am indeedy a dedicated follower of fashion. " Didn't the Kinks sing that?" " I am sure they did, you know I loved the Kinks"

Anyways if you are thinking of getting nose studs I have brought you 2 lil videos, in the first you will see a chick getting her nose pierced and don't get all squeamish ok as there is nothing to it. In the 2nd video a nice lady will show you how to put in and how to remove yer nose studs with ease, jeeez the things I do to help you fashion followers.

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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lip Piercings

Lip Piercings, Lip Piercing, Lip Piercings and I gotta say I love piercings although sometimes I gets a piercing headache and I don't really like that. A lotta peeps think I am a sad git and have no life, this is partly true but now and then I venture outside, just to see what other peeps are up to ya know, I am a people watcher, not to be confused with a peeping Tom cause my name isn't Tom.

Anyways I went to my local shop where the lil hot redhead works and was buying my usual newspaper when I noticed she had got a lip piercing. She already has about 6 earring piercings, a tongue piercing and a belly piercing but man I didn't like this lip piercing. I was holding my paper and she was rubbing her tongue piercing on her lip piercing, why do they do that. Anyways lip piercings deff can look hot and the more I stared at it the more I liked it until she screamed " Oi you pervy old git, you buying that paper or not? " Jeeez the youth of today, no manners !

Today after my experience with lip piercings I am bringing you mind piercing photos of lip piercings and also a video or two of some great body piercings. Is it just me or do you lot not think that lil redhead was really rude, like did I ask her to keep rubbing her tongue piercing against her lip piercing, of course I was gonna look, I am human after all. Anyways enjoy my body piercings blog about lip piercings.

    Hey this is exactly what her lip piercing looked like, kinda got that look about it hasn't it !

Oh yeah, now this lip piercing is really hot, loves the way the bar goes right through both ends, looks really awesome.

OMG this chick looks as rough as I do after a night on the drink, loves that Vampire look though and the lip piercing, ok so she looks rough but she's still got a pulse ; )

Wooooo a double lip piercing, I am impressed, I wonder what it's like to kiss someone with a double lip piercing, anybody know

Yes, Yes, Yes, this is exactly what that lil redhead in the shop was doing except her tongue stud was pale blue, now can you understand why I was staring !!

Loves this triple photo showing ya the 3 different views of a double lip piercing, I gotta kiss a chick with one just to see what it feels like.

Jeeeez I gotta say I am not sure about lip piercings, I likes the belly piercings and the tongue piercings and of course the ear piercings but lip piercings I am not sure about.

" What are you not sure about ? " " Well if you have a lip piercing and yer chick has a lip piercing I think it cud be dangerous " " Well you fear not, you will never have a chick close enough to kiss ya, just talking to ya gives me a piercing headache "

Anyways peeps I hope ya liked the lip piercings photos, if you are going to get one do be careful after you get it ok. I have put a little video just below showing a chick getting her lip pierced, if yer a bit squeamish don't watch it but trust me tis a professional doing it and if you are thinking of getting a lip piercing ya just might want to watch it.

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Monday, 14 June 2010

Tongue Tattoos

Tongue Tattoo, Tattoo Tongue, Tongue Tattoo, jeeeez wud ya really stick yer tongue out and let some guy stick needles on yer tongue. I am not into pain, ok maybe at the weekends but my private life is my business.

I gotta say I am fascinated by the tongue tattoo and tongue piercings, to be honest I am fascinated in people in general, they are just so damn weird, " yeah and yer normal, yeah rite", but anyone that gets a tongue tattoo has my total respect as I cry like a baby wen I burn my lil tongue on something hot.

Anyways as I am sure all you Einsteins have worked out that today I am bringing you  jawdropping tongue tattoo photos, they had to be jawdropping so the tongue cud fall out for ya to see. I have also thrown in a lil video of tongue tattoos at the very end just in case you are actually thinking of getting a tongue tattoo. Right I am off to eat my ham baps, I loves a good pair of baps, enjoy the tongue tattoo photos.

Personally I don't think this tongue tattoo is really but even if it is just painted on it's so damn stunning, love this tattoo.

Nice lil flower tongue tattoo but wud you like yer boyfriend or girlfriend to have a tongue tattoo, I still find it the weirdest place to get a tattoo.

Holy Moses wud it sound rude if I said this chick has Spiderman in her mouth, I know I likes Spiderman but no way wud I get a Spiderman Tongue Tattoo, totally unreal, I am stunned !

OMG I nearly threw moi lunch up lookin at that tongue tattoo, wat to hell is that, looks like one of those aliens out of Star Trek !

Excuse moi eyes but is that a dollar sign in the middle of that tongue tattoo. Jeeez that is so gross, what on earth is the attraction of a tongue tattoo?

Jeeeez her tongue tattoo just says it all for me, OMG indeedy !

Now just underneath I have definite proof that the tongue tattoo is deff not fake as the video actually shows a young guy getting a tongue tattoo done. If yer a big baby then deff don't watch it as it is pretty graphic and trust me if ya ever hear me saying I am getting a tongue tattoo slap me around moi buttocks with a wet kipper. " But ya like that, sure ya get that redhead from round the corner to do that to ya " " Yeah I know and we need to take up fishing as it's costing me a fortune in kippers "

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ear Piercings

Ear piercing, ear piercings and my guess is ya thought you were gonna get another tattoo blog. I was in bed last night thinking about how I got my ear double pierced at a party. I was only 17 and slightly drunk but an ice cube to my ear and two needle pricks later I had 2 prettty neat lil sleepers in my left ear. Do not of course do this at home as getting an ear piercing done without good aftercare can give you an infection and besides who wud be as crazy as me, jeeez I even put the ice cubes back in my beer afterwards.

Should I Get  Ear Piercings ?

Well it's a matter that you have to decide, all I can say is my daughter got both her ears pierced when she was only 5 years old, she didn't use my ice cube and needle method, hers was done by an expert with the earring piercing gun, so ear piercings are simple.

I personally love ear piercings on females and one of the best was on a girl who worked in a shop I went into. I swear her right ear must have had at least 10 silver rings in it plus 2 studs but man it was a totally stunning ear piercing, I got booted out of the shop for staring at her, damn cheek !! Anyways let's take a look at a few ear piercings.

Now this kind of ear piercing is just damn weird, jeeeez just buy a mobile phone holder ya dipstick !

Want an Iphone but ya can't afford it then just get an ear piercing and get an ipod earring, everyones a winner, doncha think !

I like this ear piercing as this one is so like the one I had back in my halycon days except for the top ear lobe piercing, mine was also much cooler lookin ya know !

Of all ear piercings this is one I really don't like, it's called ear lacings and I don't know about you lot but I think it's damn dangerous. Imagine if she got it caught on something, ouch, doncha think !

Loves this ear piercing, a nice kinda peacock type earing that really adds to the girls looks, jeeez I wish at times I was a girl, I wonder is a sex change painful, I hear it is but that might just be a load of balls !

I loves coins and this chick deff has a nice selection of coins in her ear piercing. I really like this one, I guess yer getting a chick with some money on her, I likes it !

Ear Piercings Video

Ok just below you will see a video of a young girl getting an actual top ear lobe piercing and it's with that magical lil gun above. They freeze yer ear first then within a minute it's all over and trust me you feel nothing at all.

Your main aim after getting the ear piercings is keeping your piercing clean and to keep turning the sleeper to keep the hole open. Then my friend yer world is yer oyster as you can get whatever type of earring you want. I wonder why they say the world's yer oyster, jeeez I hate sodden oysters, tastes like soddin rubber.

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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tattoo Videos

Tattoo Videos, Tattoo Video, Tattoo Videos and why do they call sodden youtube clips videos. Like hands up if ya own a video player, exactly we all own dvd or blue-ray players so why is this blog called tattoo videos and not tattoo dvd clips, oh well I will save that blog for the future.

Today I am gonna bring ya 12 really great tattoo videos and they will be like star tattoo videos, wrist tattoos videos, lowerback tattoos videos, great tattoos videos, jeeez yer lil eyes will be sore lookin at moi tattoo videos but trust me ya will enjoy it. I want my great tattoos website to be one of the best Body Art websites online and I can only do that with yer help so please enjoy the tattoo videos but then send the link of  my site to yer friends, my Old Gran used to say " Boy, yer way too small, ya gotta grow", so help me grow, enjoy the tattoo videos.

Jeeeez watchin all those tattoo videos was better than the goddam movies, did ya prefer the 3D tattoo videos or did ya prefer the star tattoo videos. Or did ya enjoy them all, if ya did make sure ya let yer mates know about the coolest tattoo website in town, hmmmm, that's moi ok so make sure ya bookmark moi page or I will kick yer sweet lil ass. And do me a favour ok, digg this blog, stumble it, share it on facebook, love ya all.

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Belly Piercings

Belly Piercings, Belly Piercing, Belly Piercings and jeeez I have a piercing headache, I need a holiday in the sun. But at the weekend the sun was shining so I decided to go out for a cycle and get myself fit.

So ipod strapped on, sunglasses on and off I sped like a superhero speeding past. The thing is with the sun out all the hot chicks were wearing short lil tops and me eyes were getting dazzled by their belly piercings, I swear to God I have never seen so many belly piercings in my life, jeeeez I nearly crashed 3 times.

Anyways after arriving home safely I thought " Belly Piercings ", jeeez I know I am so sad I even think of blogs whilst out cycling. I gotta say though females deff have really hot bellies, probably why they get belly piercings and guys don't.

Today as you may have guessed I am bringing you great belly piercings plus of course 2 great lil videos at the end containing great belly piercings compilations. I wish I didn't have a beer belly, I wud love a sexy belly piercing, enjoy the photos.

                                   Love this star belly piercings plus the lil tattoo to the side.

On the other hand I kinda likes this lil cross belly piercing, I really am so fickle ; )

This belly piercing was the most popular one I saw whilst out cycling, one chick actually had the cheek to shout " What are you looking at you old fart", no manners at all !

                                Deff one of my fav belly piercings, really love this one.

If yer asking did I not see any belly rings I did, they looked just like this great belly piercing.

Wowwwww, now this ring belly piercing is just totally cool, this for me is now my fav belly piercings.

Ok I am gonna show you 2 belly piercings videos, the first will show you the actual process involved in getting a belly piercing and the 2nd video will be a compliation of really cool piercings. Do watch the video carefully so you can decide whether or not you can go through getting a belly piercings, from chicks I know that have one tis totally painless.

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