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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Belly Piercings

Belly Piercings, Belly Piercing, Belly Piercings and jeeez I have a piercing headache, I need a holiday in the sun. But at the weekend the sun was shining so I decided to go out for a cycle and get myself fit.

So ipod strapped on, sunglasses on and off I sped like a superhero speeding past. The thing is with the sun out all the hot chicks were wearing short lil tops and me eyes were getting dazzled by their belly piercings, I swear to God I have never seen so many belly piercings in my life, jeeeez I nearly crashed 3 times.

Anyways after arriving home safely I thought " Belly Piercings ", jeeez I know I am so sad I even think of blogs whilst out cycling. I gotta say though females deff have really hot bellies, probably why they get belly piercings and guys don't.

Today as you may have guessed I am bringing you great belly piercings plus of course 2 great lil videos at the end containing great belly piercings compilations. I wish I didn't have a beer belly, I wud love a sexy belly piercing, enjoy the photos.

                                   Love this star belly piercings plus the lil tattoo to the side.

On the other hand I kinda likes this lil cross belly piercing, I really am so fickle ; )

This belly piercing was the most popular one I saw whilst out cycling, one chick actually had the cheek to shout " What are you looking at you old fart", no manners at all !

                                Deff one of my fav belly piercings, really love this one.

If yer asking did I not see any belly rings I did, they looked just like this great belly piercing.

Wowwwww, now this ring belly piercing is just totally cool, this for me is now my fav belly piercings.

Ok I am gonna show you 2 belly piercings videos, the first will show you the actual process involved in getting a belly piercing and the 2nd video will be a compliation of really cool piercings. Do watch the video carefully so you can decide whether or not you can go through getting a belly piercings, from chicks I know that have one tis totally painless.

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