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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cool Tattoos

Cool Tattoos,Cool Tattoo,Cool Tattoos , and tonight moi friends I am bringing ya some of the coolest tattoos I have seen. By cool I mean really awesome and not cool as in cold, just in case yer a dummy ya know. If ya are a real dummy wud ya pay $500 into my Paypal account, that's moi dummy !

Anyways tis a Saturday and I just love a Saturday as ya gets a nice lie in on the Sunday morning, who knows I may pick a nice lil redhead up and get my breakfast in bed. " Ya think that's gonna happen sittin watchin Cold Case, is she gonna be just callin at the door ya sad loser " " Do ya have to share my life with these kind peeps, I can dream ya know " Anyways enjoy the cool tattoos and video and have a better Saturday night than me, cause if ya don't I fear ya lead a really borin life !!

OMG this cool tattoos design is deff my all time fav, words just can't describe the beauty of this tattoo, and the chick ain't half hot as well !!!

What can I say about this cool tattoos but tis totally amazin, tis it just me or does it have a Wind In The Willows theme to it !

One for all you lovely Americans, the American Flag and the Eagle, loves it.

Lovely Japanese tattoo of the lovely Geisha Girl, just perfection and of my fav cool tattoos, doncha think.

Now that is what I call a Dragon Tattoo, if yer gonna get a tattoo get a good one, this one is sure good.

Oh yes, my angel, jeeez not the cool tattoo ya peeps, I mean the hot redhead !

Wat a really strange cool tattoo to end with, a Buddah Tattoo but ya wud think those tentacles were grabbin at her legs or is it just my crazy imagination thinks that !

Well to be honest I kinda think I already brought ya some really cool tattoos but as tis the weekend and I am kinda bored I decided to find a nice lil video with some more cool tattoos for ya all to look at. And guess wat, I got an awesome video, isn't that awesome, " it wud be awesome if ya stopped sayin awesome " " Yeah and it wud be awesome if you got up of yer lazy ass and got me a bottle of red wine for tonight " " Jeeez beware all, the fool will be leavin drunken comments tonight "

Anyways peeps have a great Saturday night ok, ya only live once, well unless yer religious then ya be born again. Ya know the funny thing, I believe in reincarnation, do ya think that's why I have a split personality. " Are you askin me? " " No, I am askin my readers " " You mean people out there read this crap, jeeez I thought we were crazy "

Enjoy the Cool Tattoos Video, loves ya all !

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