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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ear Piercings

Ear piercing, ear piercings and my guess is ya thought you were gonna get another tattoo blog. I was in bed last night thinking about how I got my ear double pierced at a party. I was only 17 and slightly drunk but an ice cube to my ear and two needle pricks later I had 2 prettty neat lil sleepers in my left ear. Do not of course do this at home as getting an ear piercing done without good aftercare can give you an infection and besides who wud be as crazy as me, jeeez I even put the ice cubes back in my beer afterwards.

Should I Get  Ear Piercings ?

Well it's a matter that you have to decide, all I can say is my daughter got both her ears pierced when she was only 5 years old, she didn't use my ice cube and needle method, hers was done by an expert with the earring piercing gun, so ear piercings are simple.

I personally love ear piercings on females and one of the best was on a girl who worked in a shop I went into. I swear her right ear must have had at least 10 silver rings in it plus 2 studs but man it was a totally stunning ear piercing, I got booted out of the shop for staring at her, damn cheek !! Anyways let's take a look at a few ear piercings.

Now this kind of ear piercing is just damn weird, jeeeez just buy a mobile phone holder ya dipstick !

Want an Iphone but ya can't afford it then just get an ear piercing and get an ipod earring, everyones a winner, doncha think !

I like this ear piercing as this one is so like the one I had back in my halycon days except for the top ear lobe piercing, mine was also much cooler lookin ya know !

Of all ear piercings this is one I really don't like, it's called ear lacings and I don't know about you lot but I think it's damn dangerous. Imagine if she got it caught on something, ouch, doncha think !

Loves this ear piercing, a nice kinda peacock type earing that really adds to the girls looks, jeeez I wish at times I was a girl, I wonder is a sex change painful, I hear it is but that might just be a load of balls !

I loves coins and this chick deff has a nice selection of coins in her ear piercing. I really like this one, I guess yer getting a chick with some money on her, I likes it !

Ear Piercings Video

Ok just below you will see a video of a young girl getting an actual top ear lobe piercing and it's with that magical lil gun above. They freeze yer ear first then within a minute it's all over and trust me you feel nothing at all.

Your main aim after getting the ear piercings is keeping your piercing clean and to keep turning the sleeper to keep the hole open. Then my friend yer world is yer oyster as you can get whatever type of earring you want. I wonder why they say the world's yer oyster, jeeez I hate sodden oysters, tastes like soddin rubber.

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Ivy said...

Oysters = Pearls, if your lucky. ;)

And those make beautiful earrings.