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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Koi Tattoos

Koi Tattoos, Koi Tattoo Designs, Koi Tattoos and well you peeps I decided to do a good tattoo blog because I likes tattoos. One of the most common Tattoos in Japan is the Koi Tattoos and I gotta say this type of tattoo is just stunning.

I hope you are all enjoying the World Cup 2010, damn U.S.A were robbed of a good 3-2 win, I really hate cheats but on the plus side I recorded the England match and now I can use it anytime I have problems sleepin, jeeez wasn't lil Rooney in a lil mood at the end. " Will ya shut up about soccer and get on with the Koi Tattoos or ya will bore them and they will bugger off ya fool " " Bore them, are you having a laugh, did ya watch England in the World Cup, that's what ya call borin "

Anyways today you lovely peeps I am bringing you  really fishy Koi Tattoos and as always 2 lil koi tattoos videos at the end. I am hoping you enjoy this Koi Tattoos blog as I have put my heart and sole into it and no I am not fishing for compliments, as if you peeps wud take the bait. Enjoy the lil fishies and catch the videos at the bottom.

Love this chicks shoulder koi tattoos design, now this tattoo is just beautiful.

Or how about getting a koi tattoos on your ribcage ladies, now that is for sure a work of art.

                          Great lowerback koi tattoos design, totally awesome tattoo.

Woooo, the colours in this koi tattoo are just jaw dropping, I just love it.

Two koi sleeve tattoo designs and man they are stunning.

I am thinking this collection of koi tattoos are going to be so stunning it will be hard to pick a favourite.

Well you peeps I really hope you found a koi tattoos that you liked in those earth shattering photos but if you didn't then fear not. I spent almost 16 hours looking online to find you the best koi tattoos videos, ok well it might have only been like 10 minutes but it seemed like hours.

Anyways enjoy the 2 videos and make sure you watch both of the koi tattoos videos or I will have wasted my time and time is precious moi friends. I cud be sitting out in the garden sunning myself but like a true internet geek I am sat here helping you to pick the right koi tattoo.

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Ivy said...

The Kio Fish does make a stunning tattoo! I especially liked the ribcage ones. Very nice. :)