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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lip Piercings

Lip Piercings, Lip Piercing, Lip Piercings and I gotta say I love piercings although sometimes I gets a piercing headache and I don't really like that. A lotta peeps think I am a sad git and have no life, this is partly true but now and then I venture outside, just to see what other peeps are up to ya know, I am a people watcher, not to be confused with a peeping Tom cause my name isn't Tom.

Anyways I went to my local shop where the lil hot redhead works and was buying my usual newspaper when I noticed she had got a lip piercing. She already has about 6 earring piercings, a tongue piercing and a belly piercing but man I didn't like this lip piercing. I was holding my paper and she was rubbing her tongue piercing on her lip piercing, why do they do that. Anyways lip piercings deff can look hot and the more I stared at it the more I liked it until she screamed " Oi you pervy old git, you buying that paper or not? " Jeeez the youth of today, no manners !

Today after my experience with lip piercings I am bringing you mind piercing photos of lip piercings and also a video or two of some great body piercings. Is it just me or do you lot not think that lil redhead was really rude, like did I ask her to keep rubbing her tongue piercing against her lip piercing, of course I was gonna look, I am human after all. Anyways enjoy my body piercings blog about lip piercings.

    Hey this is exactly what her lip piercing looked like, kinda got that look about it hasn't it !

Oh yeah, now this lip piercing is really hot, loves the way the bar goes right through both ends, looks really awesome.

OMG this chick looks as rough as I do after a night on the drink, loves that Vampire look though and the lip piercing, ok so she looks rough but she's still got a pulse ; )

Wooooo a double lip piercing, I am impressed, I wonder what it's like to kiss someone with a double lip piercing, anybody know

Yes, Yes, Yes, this is exactly what that lil redhead in the shop was doing except her tongue stud was pale blue, now can you understand why I was staring !!

Loves this triple photo showing ya the 3 different views of a double lip piercing, I gotta kiss a chick with one just to see what it feels like.

Jeeeez I gotta say I am not sure about lip piercings, I likes the belly piercings and the tongue piercings and of course the ear piercings but lip piercings I am not sure about.

" What are you not sure about ? " " Well if you have a lip piercing and yer chick has a lip piercing I think it cud be dangerous " " Well you fear not, you will never have a chick close enough to kiss ya, just talking to ya gives me a piercing headache "

Anyways peeps I hope ya liked the lip piercings photos, if you are going to get one do be careful after you get it ok. I have put a little video just below showing a chick getting her lip pierced, if yer a bit squeamish don't watch it but trust me tis a professional doing it and if you are thinking of getting a lip piercing ya just might want to watch it.

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Really Great Job

Love the visuals