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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Music Note Tattoos

Music Note Tattoos, Music Note Tattoo, Music Note Tattoos and this tattoo blog is just sweet music to my ears. My last music notes tattoos blog was actually an idea given to me by somebody else and as it was really popular just like a pop group I have decided to release a follow up, jeeez don't I sound like a real dipstick, oi who said ya are anyway.

Today I bring you  mind blowing music note tattoos that will be like sweet music to yer eyes and if that isnt enough I am also bringing you 2 music note tattoos videos at the very end, now am I good to you music lovers or wat? " They are tattoo lovers ya dipstick, not music lovers, tis the hub is music note tattoos" Oh sorry peeps, I meant am a great tatto lover or wat, hey did ya spot that deliberate lil misspelling of tatto, am I a lil devil or wat ; )

I just love this music note tattoo along the shoulder, pure class.

OMG that guy looks so hot with the sexy stubble and that hot music note tattoo. " Jeeez will you get back in the closet "

              Oh yeah ladies, this foot tattoo is the perfect place for ya to get yer music note tattoos.

Deff the best of moi music note tattoos so far, love this chicks tattoos, just awesome !

Woww another stunning music note tattoo, deff ladies music note tattoos are a great tattoo.

Jeeez I actually did it, I have now written not one but two music note tattoos blogs, I never realised just how popular the music note tattoo was until I actually looked into it. I know, my Old Gran was right wen she said to me as a little boy " Art, you learn something new everyday " which I found weird as the lazy old bag never even read a newspaper.

Anyways I hope you got a few ideas from my  music note tattoos photos but fear not because I love you peeps as much as I loves my own family, in fact bugger it, I loves you more than that so I searched high and low and found you 2 great music note tattoos videos, "did ya find them high or low?", " I found them high, took me ages to get to the top", anyways they are just below, enjoy.

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