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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Nose Studs

Nose Studs, Nose Stud, Nose Studs and as a guy I acually really like nose studs, in a woman that is. But this morning off I go for my daily walk to get my Sunday paper to my local shop where my lil redhead works, well she's actually dyed it purple now so she's basically a purplehead now.

Anyways in I walked with a whistle and a lil wiggle in my walk when I looks over at her and noticed that her stunning purple nose stud is now a black one, jeeez I swear I thought it was a damn blackhead. Lovin my nose studs I said to her " Do ya know yer black nose stud looks like a blackhead" and she replies " Did you know that I am looking at a Dipstick!", I mean how rude, I guess she doesn't fancy me after all.

Today as you may have guessed I am bringing you some spanking lil photos of nose studs and then at the very end 2 cracking lil nose studs videos. I am hoping that if yer thinking of getting a nose stud these photos and videos will help you make yer mind up. I wonder was the girl in the shop only joking, like who wud think I am a Dipstick?

Loves this glowing nose stud but surely the one up the nose is gonna hurt if ya sneeze.

Even Miley Cyrus loves her nose studs, is it just me or does Miley Cyrus look like Hannah Montana.

Nice simple little nose stud, and such a pretty smile.

Nice collection of large coloured nose studs, see a colour you fancy ladies?

Personally if I was getting a nose stud I wud get a kickass one like this, oh yeah !

Deff when it comes to nose studs ya just can't beat good old gold.

    Gotta say I love this lil collection of nose studs, the purple one being my favourite of course.

I gotta say although it's mainly you ladies that have nose studs if I was younger I wud deff have a nice lil purple nose stud in my nose. After all I used to have double ear piercings when I was in my teens, I am indeedy a dedicated follower of fashion. " Didn't the Kinks sing that?" " I am sure they did, you know I loved the Kinks"

Anyways if you are thinking of getting nose studs I have brought you 2 lil videos, in the first you will see a chick getting her nose pierced and don't get all squeamish ok as there is nothing to it. In the 2nd video a nice lady will show you how to put in and how to remove yer nose studs with ease, jeeez the things I do to help you fashion followers.

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