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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tattoo Designs For Wrist

Tattoo Designs For Wrist, Tattoos For The Wrist, Wrist Tattoos, jeeeez I wrist my case, in fact I am getting a sore wrist writing this damn thing. Twas looking for some good tattoo designs for wrist when I realised just how many famous peeps have wrist tattoos like Avril Lavigne, Angelina Jolie, Linday Lohan, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and that's just to name a few.

To be honest I know a few chicks that have a wrist tattoo but I never realised just how popular they are. I first noticed the wrist tattoo when Cheryl Cole from the X Factor got one, jeeez that chick is stunning, she can judge my performance any night of the week.

Oi who shouted out yer too old you old fart, I will have ya know there is plenty of life in this old dog yet and hey if ya were to die makin love to Cheryl Cole man wouldn't that just be the perfect way to go. Anyways enough bull, let's be lookin at the tattoo designs for wrist.

I bet ya never thought that Christians get wrist tattoos but they do as this Bible Phrase shows, yup I can do all things !

I loves this lil friendship wrist tattoo design, I wud probably get a friendship tattoo myself but I have no friends. I phoned up Lonely Hearts the other night and the buggers hung up on me.

Love these two wrist tattoos, the heart on one wrist and the two daggers on the other. Gotta say I love the daggers wrist tattoo but for you girls a rose tattoo on the wrist wud be ideal for Valentines Day.

Must say I love Rihanna, loved her song Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Ella and she is one hot chick. Her tribal wrist tattoo is as hot as those thighs of hers, doncha think?

Three chicks comparing their wrist tattos, one a flower, one a key and the other the ever popular star tattoo. Now which chick has the key to my heart, get it, the key, oh forget it !

Ya know people think I am crazy but my old Gran used to always say be yerself so this wrist tattoo I really love as it sums up in both wrists my motto to life " Be true to thine ownself", my old Gran was a wise old chick !

Ok hands up if ya are thinking bugger it I am looking for an idea for a good wrist tattoo design but I didn't really like any of those photos and I hope he shows the usual tattoo designs for wrist video at the end, well fear not moi friends, enjoy the tattoo designs for wrist video.

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Ivy said...

Love your writing. Man, you don't even get started before you proclaim to be tired. No wonder peeps are yelling your an ol' fart. ;)

There are many tattooed Christians. I was very surprised to see that the christian designs made up the bulk of designs on the wall where I had mine done.