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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tattoo Videos

Tattoo Videos, Tattoo Video, Tattoo Videos and why do they call sodden youtube clips videos. Like hands up if ya own a video player, exactly we all own dvd or blue-ray players so why is this blog called tattoo videos and not tattoo dvd clips, oh well I will save that blog for the future.

Today I am gonna bring ya 12 really great tattoo videos and they will be like star tattoo videos, wrist tattoos videos, lowerback tattoos videos, great tattoos videos, jeeez yer lil eyes will be sore lookin at moi tattoo videos but trust me ya will enjoy it. I want my great tattoos website to be one of the best Body Art websites online and I can only do that with yer help so please enjoy the tattoo videos but then send the link of  my site to yer friends, my Old Gran used to say " Boy, yer way too small, ya gotta grow", so help me grow, enjoy the tattoo videos.

Jeeeez watchin all those tattoo videos was better than the goddam movies, did ya prefer the 3D tattoo videos or did ya prefer the star tattoo videos. Or did ya enjoy them all, if ya did make sure ya let yer mates know about the coolest tattoo website in town, hmmmm, that's moi ok so make sure ya bookmark moi page or I will kick yer sweet lil ass. And do me a favour ok, digg this blog, stumble it, share it on facebook, love ya all.

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