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Monday, 14 June 2010

Tongue Tattoos

Tongue Tattoo, Tattoo Tongue, Tongue Tattoo, jeeeez wud ya really stick yer tongue out and let some guy stick needles on yer tongue. I am not into pain, ok maybe at the weekends but my private life is my business.

I gotta say I am fascinated by the tongue tattoo and tongue piercings, to be honest I am fascinated in people in general, they are just so damn weird, " yeah and yer normal, yeah rite", but anyone that gets a tongue tattoo has my total respect as I cry like a baby wen I burn my lil tongue on something hot.

Anyways as I am sure all you Einsteins have worked out that today I am bringing you  jawdropping tongue tattoo photos, they had to be jawdropping so the tongue cud fall out for ya to see. I have also thrown in a lil video of tongue tattoos at the very end just in case you are actually thinking of getting a tongue tattoo. Right I am off to eat my ham baps, I loves a good pair of baps, enjoy the tongue tattoo photos.

Personally I don't think this tongue tattoo is really but even if it is just painted on it's so damn stunning, love this tattoo.

Nice lil flower tongue tattoo but wud you like yer boyfriend or girlfriend to have a tongue tattoo, I still find it the weirdest place to get a tattoo.

Holy Moses wud it sound rude if I said this chick has Spiderman in her mouth, I know I likes Spiderman but no way wud I get a Spiderman Tongue Tattoo, totally unreal, I am stunned !

OMG I nearly threw moi lunch up lookin at that tongue tattoo, wat to hell is that, looks like one of those aliens out of Star Trek !

Excuse moi eyes but is that a dollar sign in the middle of that tongue tattoo. Jeeez that is so gross, what on earth is the attraction of a tongue tattoo?

Jeeeez her tongue tattoo just says it all for me, OMG indeedy !

Now just underneath I have definite proof that the tongue tattoo is deff not fake as the video actually shows a young guy getting a tongue tattoo done. If yer a big baby then deff don't watch it as it is pretty graphic and trust me if ya ever hear me saying I am getting a tongue tattoo slap me around moi buttocks with a wet kipper. " But ya like that, sure ya get that redhead from round the corner to do that to ya " " Yeah I know and we need to take up fishing as it's costing me a fortune in kippers "

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Ivy said...

I can't believe they are actual tattoos on the tongue! I always figured that those were photo shopped pictures. Wow!

Oh well, it has got to hurt less than having one's tongue split.