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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos, Heart Tattoo, Heart Tattoo Designs and hell I am in a lovin kinda mood today so I though I wud write about heart tattoos. I actually have a few heart tattoos myself with my name entwined with the girls name, I know I am such a romantic guy.

But heart tattoos are really popular so if you are thinking of getting one you have come to the right place because today I am going to show you 8 romantic lil heart tattoos plus a cracking heart tattoos video at the end and hopefully out of all that you will find a tattoo that suits you, I know you will.

However if you don't want a heart tattoo fear not as my website is full of various different tattoos so pour yerself a drink, put yer feet up and browse my other blogs about star tattoos, music note tattoos, lowerback tattoos, bugger it, tattoos on everything. But do enjoy the heart tattoos and be a good girl and like my blog on yer facebook and pass my website link to yer mates, enjoy the heart tattoos.

Love this heart tattoo with the devil horns and tail, totally cool.

Deff am in love with this Belly Heart Tattoo but hey I loves bellies.

Well I love purple and I love a belly so I gotta love this heart tattoo.

Just thought I wud throw in two arm heart tattoos to my blog.

Well ya can't beat the old favourite Mom heart tattoo, can ya?

Lovin this lowerback purple heart tattoo, my fav heart tattoo so far.

Love this neck heart tattoo design, just totally stunning.

The last of my heart tattoos is this beautiful wrist tattoo.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my 8 heart tattoos photos but if you are shouting that you didn't see a heart tattoo that you like fear not as I have a stunning heart tattoos video with a vast collection of heart tattoos so click the button, lean back, put yer lil feet up and enjoy the heart tattoos video.

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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos, Wedding Ring Tattoo, Wedding Ring Tattoos are becoming the latest trend in tattoos and to be honest I think Wedding Ring Tattoos are cool because you can pick the ring you want and not worry about it being overpriced.

Today I am bringing you lovely tattoo lovers 8 great Wedding Ring Tattoos photos and yes hands up if ya guessed that I had a little video for you at the end, jeeez I shud open my own video shop. But today I am confident you will enjoy the Wedding Ring Tattoos blog and maybe you will get one when you get married.

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Nice set of matching wedding ring tattoos, great design.

Another great set of wedding ring tattoos, this is the way to go girls !

Hands up if ya know which hand is the guys ??

Love this wedding ring tattoo, the design is just awesome.

This tribal tattoo is probably the best of my wedding ring tattoos.

Totally unique design in this pair of wedding ring tattoos, I love it !

Now this is what I call a kickass wedding ring tattoo, just stunning.

The infinity symbol is great for this wedding ring tattoo, great idea !

Jeeeeez all these wedding ring tattoos have made me feel like I have just been to a wedding but if you are searching for a good idea for a wedding ring tattoo and haven't seen one in my photos then fear not, make yerself a nice cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy my wedding rings tattoos video. Damn, I couldn't find a rings video but enjoy this stunning tattoo video instead.

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Monday, 26 July 2010

Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos Designs, Skull Tattoos, Skull Tattoos Designs, basically those boney things attached to yer neck ya know. Besides ya know that I loves the old skull and crossbones so today I bring ya lovely peeps a collection of 8 skull tattoos designs and yes at the end a nice lil video collection of skull tattoos just in case yer after a skull tattoo and ya didn't spot one in the photos that ya liked, see the way I think of my readers, tis deff an Art.

Anyways I gotta say I am enjoyin skipping from tattoo designs to serious blogs and to funny blogs, tis actually enjoying but then I really ain't got a life. I decided to join a dating site lately ya know, try and meet the redhead of my dreams. There I was chattin to this hot redhead on msn and she says " Ya wanna see me on Webcam " so I says " Sure babes, let's get a look at ya." Omg I nearly fainted as the webcam turned on, it was a burly male lorry driver with ginger hair and a red beard, he was kinda cute though.

Anyways enough of my waffle, enjoy the Skull Tattoos Designs and don't forget the lil video at the end and if ya like it rate me up, stumble me, jeeeeeez even kiss me, but deff rate me up on yer facebook and check out my other tattoo blogs.

Now if I was gettin a skull tattoo this one wud be it, I always regarded 13 as lucky. Do ya know why 13 is unlucky, tis because 13 sat down at the Last Supper, did ya know that ?

I like this skull tattoo on this chicks back but my mind is kinda thinkin of yer in a wild passion state with her wud that skull tattoo staring at ya put ya off, hmmmm let me think, nahhhhh ; )

" Born To Blossom " " Bloom To Perish ", one things for sure she's deff blossomed, doncha think ? "

I gotta say I love this tattoo, tis a girly skull tattoo but jeeez tis a work of art, loves it !

Loves this skull tattoo and the " Death Before Dishonor " but hey being a cowardly Captain I will pick " Live With Moi Dishonor "

Nice lil belly tattoo with the winged skull joined either side by another skull, nice lil belly as well.

Always gotta throw in a good tribal tattoo and this tribal skull tattoo on the arm is deff a stunner, nice inkwork.

I ear that this type of skull tattoo is popular but I may have heard wrong, ya can't always believe wat ya ear !

Jeeeez I gotta say all them bones have put me off moi dinner, I dunno why but as a kid I was always scared of skeletons and skulls, perhaps it twas my reflection in the mirror cause we was a poor lil family and didn't have much grub in the house.

Anyways ya lovely peeps I hoped ya enjoyed all the Skull Tattoos Designs, took me ages finding good ones as loads were just pure crap and well you guys deserve only the best so I am hopin that collection of Skull Tattoos Designs were good enough for ya, if not, jeeez like do I care, nooooo !!

Right as ever I have put a nice lil video collection just underneath for  ya to have a look at and don't sneak off without watchin it cause I know how long peeps remain on this page, I didn't get to be who I am by being thick ya know. Anyways back tomorrow with another, hope yer still watchin that skull tattoos designs video, loves ya all !!

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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tree Tattoos

Tree Tattoos, Tree Tattoo, Tree Tattoos and did you know that the Tree Tattoos are really popular so I thought I wud branch out and write about them, get the pun, branch out. When I first noticed the Tree Tattoos on the net I thought probably just for garden or forest lovers but no way girls, tree tattoos are totally stunning.

So today I have decided to bring you 8 of the best rooted Tree Tattoos plus of course my usual little video at the end to keep you entertained and give you loads more ideas if you are thinking of getting a tree tattoo. I do have loads more blogs of star tattoos, music note tattoos, wedding ring tattoos so do go have a look at them as well as the tree tattoos and pass the link of my site to yer mates. Enjoy the Tree Tattoos.

Wowww I can see why tree tattoos are so popular, love this one.

Yet another stunning tattoo, just hope the lil bird doesn't peck her !

Being a great tattoo lover ya gotta love this tattoo, awesome tattoo indeedy.

The more tree tattoos I see the more this kinda tattoo is growing on me.

What a stunning back tattoo, this is deff the tattoo to get ladies.

If this jaw dropping tattoo doesn't impress you nothing will.

Deff love this shoulder tattoo, yup the tree tattoos deff are awesome.

I finish my tattoo photos with this cherry blossom tree, stunning tattoo.

If you are looking for a tree tattoo idea fear not as I have a great tattoo video just below so do play it and see if the tattoo you are looking for is there. If you have a special tattoo you would like leave me a comment and I will write about, in the meantime do enjoy the tree tattoos video.

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Military Tattoo Designs

Military Tattoo Designs, Military Tattoos, Military Tattoo Designs and my Old Gran always wanted me to join the army as my dear old Grandpa defeated the Germans all by himself. Although I heard a rumour he actually hit in a closet during the war because I overheard my Old Gran saying he came out of the closet after the war.

Anyways today you tattoo lovin peeps I bring you 8 stunning Military Tattoo Designs and trust me these Military Tattoos are really popular and also very stunning. At the end as ever I will bring you a Military Tattoo Designs video to enjoy.

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The first of my Military Tattoo Designs is this stunning tattoo.

The American Flag with Dog-Tags make this a great Military Tattoo.

Death Before Doshonor makes this a fantastic Military Tattoo.

Hands up if ya think this guy is in the Infantry?

Love this Military Tattoo Design, and we are proud of our soldiers !

And well we love the Marines, the ultimate fighting machine !

When doing Military Tattoo Designs we can't forget the good old Navy.

Well if ya want a Military Tattoo why not get a soldier on yer arm.

Anyways that's my Military Tattoo Designs photos and if you havent seen any that you like do check out the great lil Military Tattoo Designs video out just below here.

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos, Foot Tattoo, Foot Tattoos and why am I writing this damn foot tattoos blog as I hate smelly rotten feet. Years ago I worked in a shoe shop and omg looking at all those deformed and twisted toes almost mentally scarred me for life, I quit after only 2 weeks.

Then I met the little redhead with her petite lil feet and toes painted purple, my fear of feet was cured but hey yer not interested in my life, yer interested in Foot Tattoos. The good news for you is today I bring you muchness foot tattoos, feet of all sizes and shapes and you will be seeing 8 mind exploding foot tattoos plus a great foot tattoos video right at the end.

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The first of my foot tattoos is this amazing star tattoo, love it.

Love this flower foot tattoo and such pretty lil toes.

Another flower foot tattoo only not too keen on that chicks toes.

Nice set of tribal foot tattoos and I loves the design in these tattoos.

Yet another flower foot tattoo and personally I think flowers look good as a foot tattoo.

Totally love this rosary beads foot tattoo, just awesome.

Lovely little blue rose foot tattoo which I deff like.

The last of my foot tattoos is this jaw dropping dragon tattoo.

Well you tattoo loving peeps I am hoping you all enjoyed the foot tattoos photos and saw a foot tattoo that you like and are going to get. If you are still not sure which foot tattoo to get just set back and relax and watch this great foot tattoos video and hopefully you will see a foot tattoo there that you like.

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Monday, 19 July 2010

Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos, Angel Tattoo, Angel Tattoos have actually been voted in the top 10 of the most popular tattoos to have on your body. So if you want to be really popular then angel tattoos are what you have to get on your arm, wrist or lowerback, I kinda love the Tramp Stamp Angel Tattoos on you chicks.

So today you lovely little tattoo loving peeps we are going to be looking at Angel Tattoos, jeeeez by the end ya will be thinking ya just spent a day at Church. I am gonna bring ya 8 of the sweetest little Angels you will ever see in yer life and I mean Angel Tattoos.

Oh I will of course be bringing ya that lil Angel Tattoos videos right at the end just in case you can't make up yer mind what tattoo to get. If you enjoy lookin at my angel tattoos do go and look at my other blogs where you will find, hello kitty tattoos, betty boop tattoos, fairy tattoos and so many more, anyways enjoy the Angel Tattoos.

Now what guy isn't going to love this Angel Tattoo?

Loving this Angel Tattoo, in fact I am thinking Angel Tattoos are Great!

Wowww, this is for sure one kickass back Angel Tattoo.

This is one of my fav Angel Tattoos, just a stunning lil tattoo.

I can see why the Angel Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos, awesome!

This little Angel Tattoo looks kinda sad doesn't she?

This Angel Tattoo looks busy destroying one of Satans crowd !

The last of my Angel Tattoos is this stunning back Guardian Angel Tattoo.

I gotta say I am glad I did this angels tattoos blog and I know that my Old Gran wud have loved it, when I was a little boy she used to call me her little angel. I hated it cause she did it in front of my friends and they used to beat me up and call me a little angel.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the angel tattoos photos, just below I have a great little angels tattoos video for you so you can pick the best tattoo for yerself but do check out my other blogs peeps and if you like my website email yer mates a link to my site and hit that like button on yer Facebook.

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