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Monday, 19 July 2010

Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos, Angel Tattoo, Angel Tattoos have actually been voted in the top 10 of the most popular tattoos to have on your body. So if you want to be really popular then angel tattoos are what you have to get on your arm, wrist or lowerback, I kinda love the Tramp Stamp Angel Tattoos on you chicks.

So today you lovely little tattoo loving peeps we are going to be looking at Angel Tattoos, jeeeez by the end ya will be thinking ya just spent a day at Church. I am gonna bring ya 8 of the sweetest little Angels you will ever see in yer life and I mean Angel Tattoos.

Oh I will of course be bringing ya that lil Angel Tattoos videos right at the end just in case you can't make up yer mind what tattoo to get. If you enjoy lookin at my angel tattoos do go and look at my other blogs where you will find, hello kitty tattoos, betty boop tattoos, fairy tattoos and so many more, anyways enjoy the Angel Tattoos.

Now what guy isn't going to love this Angel Tattoo?

Loving this Angel Tattoo, in fact I am thinking Angel Tattoos are Great!

Wowww, this is for sure one kickass back Angel Tattoo.

This is one of my fav Angel Tattoos, just a stunning lil tattoo.

I can see why the Angel Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos, awesome!

This little Angel Tattoo looks kinda sad doesn't she?

This Angel Tattoo looks busy destroying one of Satans crowd !

The last of my Angel Tattoos is this stunning back Guardian Angel Tattoo.

I gotta say I am glad I did this angels tattoos blog and I know that my Old Gran wud have loved it, when I was a little boy she used to call me her little angel. I hated it cause she did it in front of my friends and they used to beat me up and call me a little angel.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the angel tattoos photos, just below I have a great little angels tattoos video for you so you can pick the best tattoo for yerself but do check out my other blogs peeps and if you like my website email yer mates a link to my site and hit that like button on yer Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

Aye, these are AMAZING!! You're finding more and more awesome tatts! Amazing page too! xox Beth

Ivy said...

These Angel Tattoos are great! I love that they are not all cutesy, but mature looking.

BadCompany said...

Cheers Beth and glad you liked the Angel Tattoos, deff my further blogs are just going to get better so make sure you bookmark the page and do hit the "LIKE" button on yer Facebook ; ) xox

Beth100 said...

No worries, ur rated up and up...also tweeted you. Anything for you love! Beth xoxo