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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Baseball Tattoos

Baseball Tattoos, Baseball Tattoo Designs, Baseball Tattoos, and I have to wonder what is so cool about a baseball tattoo. Being from Ireland we don't get to watch many baseball games but I do actually watch it on Sky Sports and am a fan of the New York Yankees, I kinda loves New York ya know.

Anyways today I am obviously bringing you a collection of 8 baseball tattoos but my guess is you clever peeps already worked that out. Took me ages to work out the damn rules of baseball, the 3 strikes and your out and the home run and all that.

But hey I loved that movie A Little League Of Their Own, am a big Geena Davis fan and jeeez she was deff hot in that movie, although better in Thelma and Louise. Ok jeeez this is turning into a movie review, let's get back to the baseball tattoos. Enjoy them and then how about you yankees giving me yer greatest baseball experience!

Oh by the way if any of ya Southern Americans take offence at me callin ya a yankee please forgive me. Tis just the same as the English or American callin us Northern Ireland peeps Irish as we are actually British, well unless yer Republican but hey that's a story for another day, doncha think? Enjoy the baseball tattoos.

 Love the colours in this baseball tattoo plus the look of determination in the players face, really cool baseball tattoo. 
Love this New York Tattoos, jeeez if I lived in New York this tat wud deff be on my arm.
I don't know why but this cool baseball tattoo is actually really stunning even though it is basically plain, does that make any sense? 
Oh yeahhh, now this is one cool baseball tattoo of the New York Yankees with the Manhatten at night all lit up in the background, totally love it.
Well ya must have read my skull tattoos hub and if ya didn't go read it after ya read this, I kinda loves a good skull tattoo but I love the way tis merged with the baseball bat
Not that sure but I think this is a Cardinals baseball tattoo, if I am wrong please let me know ok, but deff a great tattoo for sure.

Woooo this is for sure one hell of a cool baseball tattoo and I just love everything about it, if I was a big baseball fan this tattoo wud be on my arm.

How could I leave you Red Sox fans out.

I have to say I wish I hadn't have decided to write about cool baseball tattoos because there wasn't that many photos on them and no video either. But once I decide to start something I have to finish it so finish it I will. Instead of a video on cool baseball tattoos I have put up a video of some of the greatest moments in baseball history so all you baseball fans can enjoy it.

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