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Monday, 12 July 2010

Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoo, Cat Tattoos, Cat Tattoo and today I am bringing ya a lot of pussy cats. I was lyin in bed last night and I couldn't sleep cause the neighbours next door were having a party and the buggers didn't even invite me, damn cheek. Anyways I lay there thinking about what tattoo to write about next and for some weird reason pussy came into my head and I thought jeeez I am gonna do a Cat Tattoo Blog, then for some reason I let out a large " Meeeeeooooww" and I heard the buggers next door knocking the wall and shouting " Shut up ya Weirdo"

Anyways ya lovely lil peeps today I am bringing ya 6 totally stunning Cat Tattoo photos and I think ya will like them. But and tis a big butt, I am also bringing ya at the end the usual lil Cat Tattoo Video at the end of the blog.. Look if ya don't like the video at the end then don't watch it, jeeez if ya want just bugger away off now, " ohhhhh come back will ya, I was only jokin, sure ya knows I loves ya.

Right I am off to get a bite to eat, do enjoy the Cat Tattoo Photos as they really are stunning, we had a lucky black cat once, although it kept shittin all the over the place so that wasn't that lucky, in the end I sold it to a tramp who was lookin for a friend.

When I decided to do the cat tattoo I thought it wud be borin but they are actually really stunning.

A lucky black cat tattoo on the breast, let's hope she likes it and hasn't made a boob ; )

My fav cat tattoo so far and ya gotta admit it is kinda cute.

Omg I have changed my mind, this is now my fav cat tattoo on the arm, totally awesome, " did you just say awesome?"

I threw this one in for a laugh, it actually is a cat tattoo, yup, a cat with a tattoo, it can't be real, can it?

Ohhhh methinks ya have to be a mean bugger to get this cat tattoo, that tabby looks like it's just waitin for a fight, don't ya just hate peeps that start fights !

Well wat can I say that's another blog written and done and about the cat tattoos, I gotta say I don't even like cats as I prefer dogs. Oh shut yer mouth and stop shoutin at yer screen that cats are more tidy and easier to keep, do I care, can I even here ya, no I can't so shut it !!

Anyways I love that we can interact online, tis kinda fun isn't it and I find it like I actually know all of ya, I know I am weird and I don't get out a lot. I blame my Old Gran ya know, she always said " You keep yerself to yerself, ya just can't trust people nowadays" To be honest I think she only said that cause nobody liked the old bag.

Right I am off out to get a bottle of red wine, ok who shouted out I thought ya only drank at the weekends. Well peeps that is me off for a few days, oh happy days. Enjoy the cat tattoos video and enjoy yer day, loves ya all.

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Ivy said...

That kitten tattoo is so cute! The only type of kitten that will never grow to be a cat. :)