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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos, Foot Tattoo, Foot Tattoos and why am I writing this damn foot tattoos blog as I hate smelly rotten feet. Years ago I worked in a shoe shop and omg looking at all those deformed and twisted toes almost mentally scarred me for life, I quit after only 2 weeks.

Then I met the little redhead with her petite lil feet and toes painted purple, my fear of feet was cured but hey yer not interested in my life, yer interested in Foot Tattoos. The good news for you is today I bring you muchness foot tattoos, feet of all sizes and shapes and you will be seeing 8 mind exploding foot tattoos plus a great foot tattoos video right at the end.

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The first of my foot tattoos is this amazing star tattoo, love it.

Love this flower foot tattoo and such pretty lil toes.

Another flower foot tattoo only not too keen on that chicks toes.

Nice set of tribal foot tattoos and I loves the design in these tattoos.

Yet another flower foot tattoo and personally I think flowers look good as a foot tattoo.

Totally love this rosary beads foot tattoo, just awesome.

Lovely little blue rose foot tattoo which I deff like.

The last of my foot tattoos is this jaw dropping dragon tattoo.

Well you tattoo loving peeps I am hoping you all enjoyed the foot tattoos photos and saw a foot tattoo that you like and are going to get. If you are still not sure which foot tattoo to get just set back and relax and watch this great foot tattoos video and hopefully you will see a foot tattoo there that you like.

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Ivy said...

The second tattoo down, with the flowers and butterfly is pretty stunning. Once again, you found a great selection of tattoos.

Kiesel said...

I really like Tattoos especially foot tattoos. And I really enjoy the summer time when the girls wear no shoes...such a beautiful life!! :D