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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos, Heart Tattoo, Heart Tattoo Designs and hell I am in a lovin kinda mood today so I though I wud write about heart tattoos. I actually have a few heart tattoos myself with my name entwined with the girls name, I know I am such a romantic guy.

But heart tattoos are really popular so if you are thinking of getting one you have come to the right place because today I am going to show you 8 romantic lil heart tattoos plus a cracking heart tattoos video at the end and hopefully out of all that you will find a tattoo that suits you, I know you will.

However if you don't want a heart tattoo fear not as my website is full of various different tattoos so pour yerself a drink, put yer feet up and browse my other blogs about star tattoos, music note tattoos, lowerback tattoos, bugger it, tattoos on everything. But do enjoy the heart tattoos and be a good girl and like my blog on yer facebook and pass my website link to yer mates, enjoy the heart tattoos.

Love this heart tattoo with the devil horns and tail, totally cool.

Deff am in love with this Belly Heart Tattoo but hey I loves bellies.

Well I love purple and I love a belly so I gotta love this heart tattoo.

Just thought I wud throw in two arm heart tattoos to my blog.

Well ya can't beat the old favourite Mom heart tattoo, can ya?

Lovin this lowerback purple heart tattoo, my fav heart tattoo so far.

Love this neck heart tattoo design, just totally stunning.

The last of my heart tattoos is this beautiful wrist tattoo.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my 8 heart tattoos photos but if you are shouting that you didn't see a heart tattoo that you like fear not as I have a stunning heart tattoos video with a vast collection of heart tattoos so click the button, lean back, put yer lil feet up and enjoy the heart tattoos video.

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