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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas

Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas, Hello Kitty Tattoos and for some reason you crazy chicks like Hello Kitty and I like my tattoos website to be one that keeps you chicks coming back for tattoo ideas. Today as I was walking back from the shop I saw this chick with a great Hello Kitty Tattoo.

I shouted to her " Nice Tats babe " and she turned round and slapped me, like how rude. Anyways today I intend to bring you hot chicks 6 great Hello Kitty Tattoos Ideas plus a couple of Hello Kitty Tattoo videos because hell I wanna make sure you buggers come back to my website.

Ok hands up if yer ready for the Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas, jeeez get yer hand down girl and for godssake get those damn armpits shaved, although I do kinda like that, I am kinda weird ya know !!

I loves this Hello Kitty tattoo just on the upper arm, really cool.

Nice Hello Kitty Tattoo on this chicks belly, nice lil belly piercing as well.

A couple of Hello Kitty fans showing off their Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas.

If you chicks are looking a good Hello Kitty Tattoo I gotta say I love this one.

I love these Hello Kitty sleeve tattoos, deff some good Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas.

My last Hello Kitty Tattoo is this nice lil Hello Kitty Foot Tattoo.

Ok hands up if you enjoyed the Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas and you want to get a Hello Kitty Tattoo but you want some more ideas, jeeeeez you really are a fussy little  bugger aren't ya but fear not as I have not one but two great videos packed with Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas. I know I am way too good to you lot but hey if I don't give ya good stuff to look at ya will just bugger off and not come back so do moi friends enjoy the two Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas.

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Ivy said...

Great selection of Hello Kitty tattoos, but there was no way I was going to raise my hand a second time! The way you reacted the first time was enough to scare off anyone who has just woke up. ;)

Ivy said...

Done! Now will you quit calling me names? Or do you always insult your readers like that? lol