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Friday, 16 July 2010

Letter Tattoos

Letter Tattoos, Letter Tattoo, Letter Tattoos and I kinda thought who wud want to get a tattoo of a letter, ya know the letter a postman brings ya until I realised the letter tattoos were tattoos of  letters and man when I checked out the different kinds of tattoos you can get with letters my jaw dropped. my jaw actually didn't drop ok, I just threw that into my blog for an effect.

Anyways this lovely Friday I am bringing you tattoo lovin peeps 8 letter tattoos pics today because they are almost as cool as me. Plus not only do ya get 8 mouth watering letter tattoos photos I am also bringing ya a lil letter tattoos video at the end. I hate that sayin mouth watering, hands up if yer mouth ever waters, ok all you buggers with yer hands up can I suggest buyin some wipes and stop drooling at the mouth.

Right I am off for a cup of tea, enjoy the 8 letter tattoos photos and the video, and leave a comment ya lazy buggers, jeeeez let me know what tattoos ya wud like to see me write about ok.

I love the letter tattoos and hey, Give us Strength to write it !

Face your Truth my friends says this letter tattoo.

Deff one of my favourite letter tattoos, just totally stunning.

I gotta say the letter tattoos are just artistic, I wonder shud I get one.

Nice letter tattoo with flowers and the letter D, do ya think its too girly for me?

Nice foot letters tattoo, feet in the air if ya like it, ok get yer feet down, I was only joking ya bunch of dipsticks.

Nice religious lowerback letters tattoo, do ya think she's made an ass of herself?

Nice Old English letters tattoo, I deff love the design of this tattoo.

Anyways you lovely tattoo peeps I hope you enjoyed my letter tattoos blog, do go visit my other blogs on star tattoos, hello kitty tattoos, lowerback tattoos and do my friends click that share button on yer facebook or send my links to yer friends. Enjoy yer weekend and enjoy the letter tattoos video below, it's kinda class so it tis !

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