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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Military Tattoo Designs

Military Tattoo Designs, Military Tattoos, Military Tattoo Designs and my Old Gran always wanted me to join the army as my dear old Grandpa defeated the Germans all by himself. Although I heard a rumour he actually hit in a closet during the war because I overheard my Old Gran saying he came out of the closet after the war.

Anyways today you tattoo lovin peeps I bring you 8 stunning Military Tattoo Designs and trust me these Military Tattoos are really popular and also very stunning. At the end as ever I will bring you a Military Tattoo Designs video to enjoy.

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The first of my Military Tattoo Designs is this stunning tattoo.

The American Flag with Dog-Tags make this a great Military Tattoo.

Death Before Doshonor makes this a fantastic Military Tattoo.

Hands up if ya think this guy is in the Infantry?

Love this Military Tattoo Design, and we are proud of our soldiers !

And well we love the Marines, the ultimate fighting machine !

When doing Military Tattoo Designs we can't forget the good old Navy.

Well if ya want a Military Tattoo why not get a soldier on yer arm.

Anyways that's my Military Tattoo Designs photos and if you havent seen any that you like do check out the great lil Military Tattoo Designs video out just below here.

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