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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Names Tattoos

Names Tattoos, Names Tattoo and well Names Tattoos are really popular these days. In fact one of my first tattoos was an indian ink tattoo that I got done whilst drunk at a party of a girls name. Damn chick cheated on me and I had to get her blacked out, the names tattoo that is, not the chick.

Names Tattoos give you such a variety, you can get yer kids names, your wife or husband or your favourite rock star. A friend of mine got a names tattoo of his sons name but in Chinese Symbols and it looks great but even the celebs get names tattoos although Johnny Depp had to change his Winona Ryder to Wino Forever so always be careful getting a chicks name tattooed on yer arm.

Anyway my tattoo friend out there, today I am bringing you 6 cracking names tattoos and a classy lil vido just at the end. If you are thinking of getting a names tatto I hope this blog gives you a few ideas.

This young lady must love Henry but let's hope the love lasts as that is one kickass names tattoo.

All I can say Kim is if you are as lovely as that names tattoo I wud love you myself.

Nice lil wrist names tattoo for Paisley, deff love this names tattoo.

The stunning red rose with the 3 childrens names for this stunning names tattoo.

Grace likes her names tattoo on her foot, doncha just love feet tattoos.

Are you called Stephanie, well here is the perfect names tattoo for you.

I have a few names tattoos over my body but if you want to see more names tattoos because you are thinking of getting one then fear not my lil tattooed friends as I have a long names tattoos video for you to watch and hopefully you will see one you like.

If you are looking for a Hello Kitty Tattoo, Star Tattoo, Wrist Tattoo, Music Note Tattoo then do have a look through my other tattoo blogs but in the meantime enjoy the names tattoos video.

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Ivy said...

I friend of mine got a tattoo with her husband's name on it. He didn't like it, so she told him to shut up or she would have 'is an a**' added under his name. (Trust me, she would too.) LOL

BadCompany said...

I got a "Sandra" in indian ink on my arm, I got a black panther over it when it finished, ya gotta be careful with name tattoos ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with everyone who gets name tats but you do gotta be careful. I plan on getting my kids name across my chest.