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Monday, 26 July 2010

Skull Tattoos

Skull Tattoos Designs, Skull Tattoos, Skull Tattoos Designs, basically those boney things attached to yer neck ya know. Besides ya know that I loves the old skull and crossbones so today I bring ya lovely peeps a collection of 8 skull tattoos designs and yes at the end a nice lil video collection of skull tattoos just in case yer after a skull tattoo and ya didn't spot one in the photos that ya liked, see the way I think of my readers, tis deff an Art.

Anyways I gotta say I am enjoyin skipping from tattoo designs to serious blogs and to funny blogs, tis actually enjoying but then I really ain't got a life. I decided to join a dating site lately ya know, try and meet the redhead of my dreams. There I was chattin to this hot redhead on msn and she says " Ya wanna see me on Webcam " so I says " Sure babes, let's get a look at ya." Omg I nearly fainted as the webcam turned on, it was a burly male lorry driver with ginger hair and a red beard, he was kinda cute though.

Anyways enough of my waffle, enjoy the Skull Tattoos Designs and don't forget the lil video at the end and if ya like it rate me up, stumble me, jeeeeeez even kiss me, but deff rate me up on yer facebook and check out my other tattoo blogs.

Now if I was gettin a skull tattoo this one wud be it, I always regarded 13 as lucky. Do ya know why 13 is unlucky, tis because 13 sat down at the Last Supper, did ya know that ?

I like this skull tattoo on this chicks back but my mind is kinda thinkin of yer in a wild passion state with her wud that skull tattoo staring at ya put ya off, hmmmm let me think, nahhhhh ; )

" Born To Blossom " " Bloom To Perish ", one things for sure she's deff blossomed, doncha think ? "

I gotta say I love this tattoo, tis a girly skull tattoo but jeeez tis a work of art, loves it !

Loves this skull tattoo and the " Death Before Dishonor " but hey being a cowardly Captain I will pick " Live With Moi Dishonor "

Nice lil belly tattoo with the winged skull joined either side by another skull, nice lil belly as well.

Always gotta throw in a good tribal tattoo and this tribal skull tattoo on the arm is deff a stunner, nice inkwork.

I ear that this type of skull tattoo is popular but I may have heard wrong, ya can't always believe wat ya ear !

Jeeeez I gotta say all them bones have put me off moi dinner, I dunno why but as a kid I was always scared of skeletons and skulls, perhaps it twas my reflection in the mirror cause we was a poor lil family and didn't have much grub in the house.

Anyways ya lovely peeps I hoped ya enjoyed all the Skull Tattoos Designs, took me ages finding good ones as loads were just pure crap and well you guys deserve only the best so I am hopin that collection of Skull Tattoos Designs were good enough for ya, if not, jeeez like do I care, nooooo !!

Right as ever I have put a nice lil video collection just underneath for  ya to have a look at and don't sneak off without watchin it cause I know how long peeps remain on this page, I didn't get to be who I am by being thick ya know. Anyways back tomorrow with another, hope yer still watchin that skull tattoos designs video, loves ya all !!

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