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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Soccer Tattoos

Soccer Tattoos, Soccer Tattoo and here in the UK nobody calls them soccer tattoos, in fact we very rarely use the word soccer at all. To us British it's called football or footie for short and as we invented the game I guess we are entitled to call it whatever we want, it's just a pity England can't play the game of football. They should all get soccer tattoos on their behinds saying " We are rubbish"
But back to soccer tattoos and a lot of football fans out there are gettng their favourite team tattooed on various parts of their bodies. Today I am bringing you soccer tattoos photographs and you can use them as an idea for any custom tattoos that you want to get, they are cool tattoos to have.

After my soccer tattoos photographs I will show you two soccer tattoos videos and hopefully between the photos and the videos I will have given you a few ideas for your soccer tattoos. If you are looking for star tattoos, wrist tattoos, lower back tattoos or hello kitty tattoos do check out my other tattoo blogs for some good tattoo designs ideas.

The 3 Lions of England proudly displayed in this soccer tattoo, a true fan still supports his team win or lose.

You have to love this soccer tattoo, the Argentina shirt with the number 10 on it, it could only be the genius that is Maradona.

This has to be the best of my soccer tattoos so far because I love my music and I love my soccer and this soccer tattoo combines both.

Soccer tattoos are even popular in Italy as we can see by this Napoli supporters shoulder tattoo.

I love this Sheffield Wednesday soccer tattoo, Wednesday are not the big club they were but they still are soaked in a great history and that is a great tattoo.

I like the idea of soccer tattoos and getting a nice tattoo showing what team you support but it has to be a tattoo done with some style. For me out of those soccer tattoos the Maradona tattoo gets my vote because of the thought put into it. Maradona coming out of a genies bottle because he is a genius and the world highlighted in the tattoo because he was for me anyway the best player in the world at the time, George Best will always be the best player ever.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of soccer tattoos and if you are thinking of getting a soccer tattoo just sit back and press play on the soccer videos below and maybe it will give you a few ideas that might help you. If you are looking a star tattoo, wrist tattoo, lower back tattoo, hello kitty tattoo or other tattoo designs do browse through my collection of hubs and see if you can get an idea for your tattoo there, thanks for reading my soccer tattoos blog and do bookmark Great Tattoos.


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