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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Tree Tattoos

Tree Tattoos, Tree Tattoo, Tree Tattoos and did you know that the Tree Tattoos are really popular so I thought I wud branch out and write about them, get the pun, branch out. When I first noticed the Tree Tattoos on the net I thought probably just for garden or forest lovers but no way girls, tree tattoos are totally stunning.

So today I have decided to bring you 8 of the best rooted Tree Tattoos plus of course my usual little video at the end to keep you entertained and give you loads more ideas if you are thinking of getting a tree tattoo. I do have loads more blogs of star tattoos, music note tattoos, wedding ring tattoos so do go have a look at them as well as the tree tattoos and pass the link of my site to yer mates. Enjoy the Tree Tattoos.

Wowww I can see why tree tattoos are so popular, love this one.

Yet another stunning tattoo, just hope the lil bird doesn't peck her !

Being a great tattoo lover ya gotta love this tattoo, awesome tattoo indeedy.

The more tree tattoos I see the more this kinda tattoo is growing on me.

What a stunning back tattoo, this is deff the tattoo to get ladies.

If this jaw dropping tattoo doesn't impress you nothing will.

Deff love this shoulder tattoo, yup the tree tattoos deff are awesome.

I finish my tattoo photos with this cherry blossom tree, stunning tattoo.

If you are looking for a tree tattoo idea fear not as I have a great tattoo video just below so do play it and see if the tattoo you are looking for is there. If you have a special tattoo you would like leave me a comment and I will write about, in the meantime do enjoy the tree tattoos video.

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BadCompany said...

I dont think it would look good Justin, just stick with one.