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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos, Wedding Ring Tattoo, Wedding Ring Tattoos are becoming the latest trend in tattoos and to be honest I think Wedding Ring Tattoos are cool because you can pick the ring you want and not worry about it being overpriced.

Today I am bringing you lovely tattoo lovers 8 great Wedding Ring Tattoos photos and yes hands up if ya guessed that I had a little video for you at the end, jeeez I shud open my own video shop. But today I am confident you will enjoy the Wedding Ring Tattoos blog and maybe you will get one when you get married.

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Nice set of matching wedding ring tattoos, great design.

Another great set of wedding ring tattoos, this is the way to go girls !

Hands up if ya know which hand is the guys ??

Love this wedding ring tattoo, the design is just awesome.

This tribal tattoo is probably the best of my wedding ring tattoos.

Totally unique design in this pair of wedding ring tattoos, I love it !

Now this is what I call a kickass wedding ring tattoo, just stunning.

The infinity symbol is great for this wedding ring tattoo, great idea !

Jeeeeez all these wedding ring tattoos have made me feel like I have just been to a wedding but if you are searching for a good idea for a wedding ring tattoo and haven't seen one in my photos then fear not, make yerself a nice cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy my wedding rings tattoos video. Damn, I couldn't find a rings video but enjoy this stunning tattoo video instead.

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Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, I myself came to this, only later, judging by the date of the post. but thanks anyway.