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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wolf Tattoos

Wolf Tattoos, Wolf Tattoo, Wolf Tattoos and who's afraid of the big bad wolf, or the wolfman or more lately the Werewolves from Twilight. I have always liked the wolf as an animal, hell animals don't let you down in the way that people do although on the downside animals don't look hot in short skirts and lipstick.

Today my tattoo peeps I am bringing you 6 howling wolf tattoos plus at the very end a great wolf tattoos video with an amazing collection of wolf tattoos. These really are a stunning tattoo so if you are thinking of getting one do browse my photos and then have a look at the collection of wolf tattoos in the video.

If you enjoy my wolf tattoos blog do have a look through my tattoos collection of star tattoos, wrist tattoos, hello kitty tattoos or if you don't see the tattoo you are hunting for leave me a message and I will write a blog about them just for you. Jeeez I know, I am such a nice guy but I loves all my readers, anyways do enjoy the wolf tattoos.

The first of my wolf tattoos is this kickass arm tattoo.

Nice tribal wolf tattoo this time, my what big teeth you have Grandma !

Lovin this back wolf tattoo, tis really stunning on that chicks back.

Nice wolf tattoo of the wolf howling into the night, I do that to whilst drunk !

Oh Yeah, this is what I call a wolf tattoo, love this arm tattoo.

The last of my wolf tattoos is that amazing tattoo on the chest, love it !

Yes I know I promised ya all a wolf tattoos video and I always keep my promise, my Old Gran always used to say " Be a good boy and never break a promise and you will have good luck " which is a load of old crap because I am the most unlucky person out. Anyways enough of my bull, on with the show and do enjoy the wolf tattoos video and peeps do leave a comment on whether you like the tattoos or not, I thank you !

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